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Es3 and Es6 Ableton timing
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Author Es3 and Es6 Ableton timing
Hi I have got expert sleepers es6 and es3 and I am using Ableton 9 but cant seem to be able to get the timing just right its always a few milliseconds out I have tried using track delay but it has no effect on the timing when I try and sequence from blocks (reactor) any tips for getting accurate timing

big job head
Got the same problem and track delay solved it, maybe you didn't set the delay properly?
Could you tell us more about your setup with live, reaktor and your modular?
Hi mate I have es3 and es6 and using silent way plugs with an external effect in ableton, they are running fine its just when I start using reactor block the timing is awful unless I reduce my motu audio buffer as low as it can go then put it back once I have recorded, I have tried track delay but it has no effect

driving me mad
big job head
Did you tried negative delay? usually when audio goes out then back in your daw, the delay should be the same as Live's overall latency.
You'll find very useful infos on this page -Compensation-overview.

Could you explain in details how your session is set up? it's hard to figure it out without much detail.
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