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tone2 Gladiator & Harmonic Content Morphing Synthesis
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Author tone2 Gladiator & Harmonic Content Morphing Synthesis
I dig this synth.
Anyone have technical info or insight on Harmonic Content Morphing Synthesis (HCM) it employs?
I've never used it (personally the way tone2 advertises their products always seemed kinda sketchy to me, so I've avoided them) so maybe I'm a bit less of a help than others, but it looks and sounds like it's might be using a collection of different spectral convolution algorithms to morph between waveforms in various ways. I'm not super knowledgeable on FFT though, so I can't really say much else.
The synth applies mathematical transformations to a sonogram for an input wave to make a new sonogram. I asked Tone2 for more info a long time ago and they were not willing to share, but I managed to figure out the idea. It is the only Tone2 synth I own. The company is not particularly good at providing the technical behind their more far-out synths but really good at marketing hyperbole. That doesn't mean their products are no good. On the contrary, the sounds I have heard are different and interesting. Learning to use their products is an exercise in trial and error.
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