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[video] Electronica Beat on doepfer
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Author [video] Electronica Beat on doepfer
Human Koala

hope you will enjoy wink

Nice. Patch info?
Human Koala
OK all the sounds are sequence with the quator
A147 lfo -> a160/a161 -> a166
the drone bass in background is the wogglebug osc out filtered by qmmg and cutoff modulated by woggle straight random out

2 sounds of the zorlon is choosed by the a151 seq switch before reaching lopass from qmmg, bass drum done hertz donut triangle out in resonnant lopas of qmmg and the last not of the bass drum modulated by maths
enveloppe : maths
I feel like there should be a name for this type of thing, like we all know what noodles and drones are but what is this? I mean it doesn't need a name but it would make it easier to tell people what you do and what to expect when they hear a track.
The only reason I bring it up is cause I do similar stuff and I know a number of other people around here are also into it, in fact that's exactly what my modular is 'for' is this kind of stuff. So what do we call it??
Human Koala
if a modular is an instrument and it is,
i think we just should call it this, a musical piece. but maybe a musical piece is more written,

patching is building an instrument like an electronic lutherie, and once the patch is build we have to write a partition for this new instrument, the only problem is we are doing more improvisation that something written so maybe once the patching is done, i have to think about a partition for the instrument

of course it's a musical piece, but in the music section you often see "drone" or "noodle" or "noise" or whatever and people know what to expect, besides a musical piece (which they are) what would you call these groovebox style patches so that people know "ah, when I listen to that I'm going to hear a patch with drums and noises and blips/bloops/bass all done on the modular.. and it'll be improvised."
Human Koala
i see the point mmhh yes it is complicated to name it hmmm.....
I always thought the accepted name for these things is "noodle"

Nice job HK thumbs up
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