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New Post-Lawsuit Lowpass Filters now available. (finally)
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Author New Post-Lawsuit Lowpass Filters now available. (finally)

New features include a 1 pole output in addition to the normal 4 pole, user-selectable feedback gain compensation, and Box11 compatibility.

gotta say, 1 pole resonant lowpass sounds pretty cool.

i had to adjust the panel art a bit to fit the new output. on the bright side, you can tell the through-hole from the SMD at one glance now, which isn't really the case with the other modules i make.

with this, the really big jobs of the conversion to SMD/Box11 compatibility are now done. the sequencers still are not compatible, but that will be a next year project. gotta get the EG out ...
Nice job! thumbs up
O-o-o-o-o! Are you up for a demo? I love the PL-LPF and would like to hear the new version.

The Q150 has a 1-pole output but the sound of the PL-LPF is much different, in an "ARP-y" sort of way. hmmm.....

Thanks for letting us know here Suit!
Looks good as usual.
If I understand right it's SMD version. Are there any sonic differences with "true" big components version?
Very cool! Another motivation to get my new case finished -- I told myself I'm not allowed to buy any more modules until I finish it, because my current setup is full and I've already got modules in boxes waiting for their chance. d'oh!
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