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Effect pedals for bass
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Author Effect pedals for bass
I'm new to bass (started learning 3 weeks ago) but coming from the synth/modular world, I can't help but ways to process and mangle the bass sound.

Of course, I could plug the bass into my dotcom Q118 Instrument Interface and bring the signal into modularland, but then I would spend all the time making a patch instead of playing. So I thought about maybe trying out a couple of bass pedals.

I do already have a few pedals: a Moog MF-103 phaser (that I use with the modular) and a TC Nova Reverb (which I use in my live set). And I also have an OG Bass POD that I bought like 15 years ago for experimenting and has been kept in its box most of the time.

But what else is there? What are your favorite bass pedals? Suppose I wanted to make ambient, noise and drones, plus "normal" bass stuff (for alternative rock, mostly). Oh, and the cheaper the better. I don't want anything complex or expensive like Eventides.

I'm also looking to buy a new amp soon, since I only have a crappy practice amp. I have my eye in the Fender Rumble 100 - any experiences with that?
I'm not a bass player, yet, but i suggest you two things:

First and most important: learn the instrument well, then think about doing strange stuffs

Second: Check Justin Meldal Johnsen, he's an incredible bass player and producer and big user of effects and so on.
Crowther Audio - Prunes&Custard
Very nice on bass, going from pleasant slight distortion to weirdest wavefolding, try out, if you can get one!
I haven't tried them out yet, and the info I have read says they are not designed to go lower than the low A, but the Electo Harmonix "9" series of pedals look really nice to me. I posted on their page that they should make bass versions with stuff like cellos, Rhodes Piano bass, synths and string bass. The get said they had talked about it internally but nothing yet.

The Mel9 one looks the most appealing to me even if it doesn't go low enough.
The boss Sy 300 guitar synthesizer has a setting to accept input from a bass guitar. Just saw one used on reverb for around $425.

I own two of them. I use them as a guitar synthesizer and to process audio from other synthesizers.

Since there's no Pitch to midi triggering involved, there's zero latency. No special pickup needed as the sy-300 excepts only standard quarter inch input. .com/watch%3Fv%3DLI4oITrZnNA&ved=0ahUKEwjHvIOe7bTVAhUIiFQKHRhEDR4QtwII LzAG&usg=AFQjCNE8g7KKQgZx-Cap-INI12SxuvJrgA
Pretty much all the foogers... I've had them on and off for the past few years. I recently got all 7 in a trade from a fellow wiggler and I forgot how awesome they are. The FreqBox and LPF are particularly good, but they all rock. Also the EHX HOG 2... Fantastic. I also like the WMD Geiger Counter, but that may be an acquired taste. And I like a good compressor from time to time. I'm fond of the Deep Six by Walrus Audio.
I used to use a Univox Superfuzz on my Ric 4001. No longer have either, but my favorite fuzz pedal for bass is still a Superfuzz or a good clone of one like the Wattson Classic.

The Fender Rumble 100 has changed over the years. The new ones are very light weight and sound decent enough for a practice amp or basement jams, but I don't think it's good enough for gigging.
I've gigged with the Rumble 100, and it sounds fine to me as long as you don't use any of the built in "FX" (which can be hard to avoid sometimes, as they don't all have indicator lights!). Has the upside of being extremely lightweight and small relative to how loud it is.

I think the only other widely available amps in that category are probably going to be by Peavey, who I think are generally not bad though I haven't tried any of their current models.

I don't personally use a lot of FX on bass, but a few categories I'd think about for normal rock stuff would be distortion, chorus, and flanger.
Get a 70s Acoustic Control Corp head and cab--or even a new Acoustic cab. Cheap, sounds great, enough volume for any venue.
I'm not a bassist, but I feel like all electric basses should use a compressor (at least for clean bass). Helps with the sustain and keeping the levels uniform.

And a Muff!
build a bazz fuss! Its an easy build, less than 10 parts, and sounds awesome! Once you have some DIY soldering experience you can turn any pedal into a bass pedal!

Most guitar pedals filter out the bass using R-C networks on the input and output, and throughout the gain stages with coupling capacitors. Bigger caps=more bass!

Just look up the schematic and find the coupling capacitors and nearby resistors, make sure they are passing the bass frequencies. This is a handy calculator:
tony d
I know you said no Eventide BUT.. if you can find a Space for your budget you could find that pretty useful especially for Ambient. I use one with my bass when i want to do Ambient or soundscape texture and it sounds great, it has some presets with Fuzz/Distortion and Delays as well.Pretty easy to build up walls of noise and like i said just good textures. Also, the Eventide pedals let you configure the inputs specifically for Guitar, Bass, Or Synth.
Other than that i use a Four Eyes Fuzz that i think sounds good for those heavy riffs.
Thanks for all responses.

First of all, of course my top priority is to learn to play. I'm practicing 1 to 2 hours a day in 20-minute intervals. I also plan to take a sabbatical year in 2018 and dedicate even more time to practice bass.

I tend to not like effects on bass, but sometimes I do like some fuzz/distortion, bit crushing (Geiger Counter is a great idea - I have the euro version) and filtering. Eventually (and in my case this means mid term) I will consider some of the foogers (mostly the filter and ring mod), the Geiger Counter, and a compressor.
A couple suggestions for cheaper pedals:

Boss OC-2 (one/two sub octave): blending in the sub octave with your clean adds a lot of beef and a synthy sound. What I like to do is completely remove the clean signal and play up on the neck - you get a really great sort of glitchy subby synth sound. You won't get much besides mud an octave below your low A but I've gotten a lot of mileage out of this pedal - and it sounds great paired in front of an envelope filter and/or with a fuzz. Plus you can pick these up for $50- $100 used (in the states at least).

MXR Bass Envelope Filter: sounds great, sensitive controls, clean blend is nice to have. I learned when I picked one up that these aren't just for funk/slap (both of which I don't/can't do). Great for adding girth/weirdness in any context. Think they're $150 new.

Boss dd-5 (digital delay): you can get these for like $60- $100 used in the states. solid digital delay, but they have a really fun trick built in for glitchy/stuttering stuff. The "hold" function will basically grab whatever is playing for as long as you press down on the footswitch and loop it. So if you press the footswitch for a short second while playing you'll get these fun glitchy stutters. The guys in the band Tera Melos do this a lot. Short example here:
Bass example here (he stutters in a very musical way at the end: and in this song the bass is doing it (though I think with a conventional loop pedal) starting around 3:00 -

Good luck on the pedal hunt!
Don't play bass, but if I did, WMD Geiger Counter would certainly be on my list.
If you like New Order/Peter Hook's stuff, try an Electro Harmonix Clone Theory (chorus/vibrato), and noodle around the 12th fret and above. I have an old mains powered one, but I think the new ones are close enough in terms of sound, maybe even better as they are now stereo.
Oh also regarding amps: I've heard the rumble series sounds great but I'd pick something with more heft than the rumble 100. Granted I don't know the context in which you'll be playing but for alternative rock (maybe even in rehearsal) I would pick something with more headroom. The Rumble 200 1x15 combo looks good and not much more expensive than the 100 (I prefer 15-inch speakers in general, and especially for subby/synthy sounds). For a little more $$$ the Markbass Little Mark iii and either the matching 2x10 or 1x15 cab are super portable and super powerful.
Recently put my Aria Pro II 360 Cardinal bass through a Boss LS-2 line switcher to feed two amps with two different pedal lines.

Mad Professor Golden Cello>Old Blood Noise Endeavours Dark Star Reverb>Ampeg VT-22>Sunn 18" PA Cab w/ Black Widow

Boss OC-3>MXR Blue Box reissue>Dan Electro Reel Echo>Acoustic B100

Not changing either path soon.
Everyone needs a BIg Muff on bass SlayerBadger!
I've got a few different pedals I quite enjoy on bass: A Big Muff Pi, a Moog Minifooger Overdrive Pedal, and a MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay Pedal. I still need to get a decent compression pedal.
For something slightly off the beaten path, try adding an Ampeg Scrambler (or any of it's clones, send-ups or derivations) into the mix - it does some great harmonic stuff that's just beyond your standard fuzz, but also has a clean blend so it's not totally in your face. I think Ampeg even offers a DI version of the box which could come in handy when it comes to recording.
phase ghost
dkcg wrote:
I'm not a bassist, but I feel like all electric basses should use a compressor

Came here to say this. Compressors are a necessity on bass imo. Especially when you're tracking.
stk wrote:
Everyone needs a BIg Muff on bass SlayerBadger!

THIS! I grabbed a Nano Bass Big Muff Pi a while back and it's def a cold dead hand sound I love on my bass.
I always was tempted by the Bass Muff because of the mix control.

I used to use a black Soviet Muff. Now I use a Dwarfcraft Eau Claire Thunder which is based off the green Sovtek Muff I think. They also had a fuzz geared towards bass, can't remember the name. Was also interested in that at one point but never got around to getting one.
So, this might be a controversial position, but I despite owning a Big Muff, I actually far prefer the sound I get out of my Moog Minifooger Overdrive Pedal.
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