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Analogue Solutions Black Coffee MP3 demo
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Author Analogue Solutions Black Coffee MP3 demo
The only things that you you hear in this demo are the Voice of Squirrelâ„¢  ?t=1829 and the Black Coffee. No other filters, etc. Oh, yes... just remembered; that light reverb & delay sound are coming from a product that I'm beta-testing that has nothing to do with Modulars. Anyone want my TipTop Z5000 though?

More reading:
WTF? I could sorta hear a synth of some sort in the background.
Could you please clarify? Besides my voice and the touch of reverb, it's all Black Coffee.
Just too low in level compared to the VO. I couldn't turn it up loud enough here at work to hear the synth and not have the voice be too loud. I never really knew what this thing was. I thought it was an MS-20 Filter box. Isn't there something else named similar?
Ah, I see. Well, I didn't record it for the 'lucky enough to still have a job' crowd. This was done,on the quick, for my homebound people. Or at least those with headphones.

The Filtered Coffee, also by Analogue Solutions, is the MS-20esque filter. There is a similar one in the Vostok. The filter in the Black Coffee (BC) is supposedly closer to a Moog filter of some sort. At least that is what the internet rumor mill states.

So, rock some headphones and it should be fine. If anyone else thinks the vocals are too loud, I'll re-cut it when I'm back next week.

Also, you can go to about the 3/4 point and there isn't any VO anymore. Just BC.
For what it's worth I heard the synth fine, although maybe on laptop speakers it would get a little lost.

Anyway I've always wanted to hear that thing - when I was first getting into modulars I was eyeballing it as a starting point.
sounded ok for me too.

Man, that thing sounded good. I didn't think it sounded moogy at all though.
great demo, Kent.

So, from what I gathered, the "magic" happened towards the end of the envelope cycles? Maybe some attenuation is in order?

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