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Where do I start?
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Author Where do I start?
I'm totally new to video synthesis and to be honest, it's pretty daunting to get started. I've seen a few things that i like but have no idea how the are made and the tools needed to create them.
This clip stood out as I like the more mono vector Rutt-Etra type stuff

From the description given.... "two Video Waveform Generators to create horizontal and vertical control ramps (for X & Y inputs) Video Sync Generator to DC restore external video (for Z input) and provide synchronization signals to the control ramps, and Triple Video Fader & Key Generator to crossfade between control ramps and external video going to X & Y inputs of the oscilloscope. A third oscillator for modulation controls the crossfader as well"...
From what I can tell, these modules are now unavailable.
So my questions are.... What current modules could be used to achieve similar effects? Can something similar be achieved with DIY/Cadet/Software?
And can I put my audio modules to good use too? I have MI Braids, Peaks, Frames, Clouds, Metasonix RK4, MFB SEQ-03, Roland Demora.

Any suggestions for a lower budget/Diy solution would be appreciated as modules like the cortex are not a possibility for me at the moment.

This also stood out as being amazing.

Disregard this post as I've found most of the the info I need.
I too am interested in video synthesis but am having a hard time getting up to speed. Can you tell me what solutions you found? I am particularly interested in hacking a video mixer but can't find any clear "how tos".
I work at an electronics components store that used to have radio and tv techs. We have TONS of the old equipment here just sitting around unused. A few things that caught my eye when I first started working here, that Ive set aside to test, clean, calibrate, and restore (if needed) are a few vacuum tube based video synthesizers / signal generators. I havent been able to test them out yet because I need to make cable adapters for them that will connect to a BNC, RCA, or co-axial connector.

They look pretty cool and have their manuals and everything. The manuals say that one generates waveforms and distorts and modulates the video signal run through it, and another is a color synthesizer. I was going to pull the tubes from them to use in amplifier circuits but Ive got plenty of tubes to use for that.

Id like to find a home for them if someone wants to take the time to go through them and make cool art with them so if there's any interest Ill post some pics.
My standard "getting started" advise is: get a cheap CCTV camera and feed the output into your TV, then point the cam at the screen. Add a simple, unmodded mixer to blend other signals in. E.g. a second camera or a DVD player with a composite output. Cheap mixers and cameras can be found on ebay, of course. However. you can also buy circuit-bent video gear from BPMC and TachyonsPlus.

Regarding the OP, most of the old vector rescanning info in this subforum is out of date. (E.g. the crossfader is now on the Bridge module.) That's a general point about any post in this subforum older than late 2014. 2016 was a real game-changer too.
i just started exploring this as well and am interested in creating a portable set-up using gieskes and BPMC gear.

my understanding from reading the forums is that the most sensible (cheapest) approach would be to have a small portable color CRT (like those mentioned in this thread: and then have a digital videocam pointed at it to feed the video into modern mixers/projectors/screens or otherwise capture it.

does that approach seem right? vs some type of time base corrector and a converter box from composite video to vga/hdmi/etc?
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