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shielding inside wood case
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Author shielding inside wood case
I'm enjoying my oakley modular I've built, actually working on 2 more additional cases. All wood, except for front panels, of course. I do get a little noise out of the classic VCA (my usual output module) but it's nothing extreme.

I'm wondering if it would be worth it to line the inside walls of my wood cases with 3" copper tape? I'm replacing the backs with aluminum perforated panels, currently they are wood.

Is this a good idea, waste of time, or "can't hurt might help" situation? If it's a good idea, is there a better material to use than copper tape?

Shielding will help you reduce only certain types of noise. Hiss generated by the circuits themselves will not be affected. However, additional shielding can help in reducing things like mains hum, mobile phone interference, and other weird noises coming from things like computers, switch mode power supplies and lighting.

Steel sheet is good but heavy. Copper is handy but expensive. Aluminium foil is cheap but can be difficult to properly connect to 0V and earth. Aluminium sheet is probably the easiest to work with and can give you reasonable results.

Radio frequency interference will get into your modular via other means though - mostly the cables but also any suitably sized holes in your metal shield. It's impossible to get rid of it entirely but once below the modular's inherent noise floor it's not usually a problem.

If your next door neighbour is a radio ham and you have an open backed wooden case then you'll probably experience interference issues.

Thanks Tony for the information. I might try something in the case with the power supply and see if that helps. It's typically a very slight beating/pulsing noise. Will be doing some more debugging soon but it's not a very bothersome signal when the modular is making the good type of noise.

Thanks again
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