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Module of the Week Video Series
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Author Module of the Week Video Series
I'm now two weeks in to my video series, and I figured I should just post the weekly links here, so if anyone who wants to follow along, can do so.

Episode One

Episode Two
You've taken upon yourself a significant task and I hope you manage to stick with it. You may find yourself in November saying "dammit, I have to do another one, it's already been over one week since my last!" but anyway, good luck. My days of module video reviews have pretty much ended as I've chosen to focus my time and energy more into creating / recording music.
I've always wanted to see what that FreeState FX storm flanger module was about, so I appreciate your review.
Eric the Red
Thank you for doing this!! Would your be able to add the Module name here so we can see what is being reviewed before clicking the link?

Wow, these are really nice Jeremy - Like the fixed camera shot, clear visuals, and lighting. Good unusual module selections, too. More of 'em!
If you have other Juergen Haible clone modules from FSFX it will be great to see your demos.
..if you search youtube jason(FSFX) has done some new ones..

and Jonah .. gotta watch the breathing into the mic smile
Looking forward to checking these out.
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