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Art + Music + Tech Podcast Scott Jaeger Interview
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Author Art + Music + Tech Podcast Scott Jaeger Interview

[Can't figure out how to embed it.]
"Scott Jaeger is responsible for a lot of modular makers getting into the game. When he started making Eurorack modules under The Harvestman moniker, there were relatively few players: Doepfer (of course), Plan B, Livewire and - well, that was about it. Scott came into the game with something completely different: digital devices that turned the analog-based modular concept on its ear. He also was aggressive about design, control layout and user interface, and the result was that almost everyone doing a Eurorack system - especially if is was going to be used for performance - would have some of The Harvestman modules in the rack.

After expanding into more products, the company morphed into Industrial Music Electronics, and is making updated versions of the classics as well as a broad array of new modules. He is also collaborating with Vladimir Kuzmin as Iron Curtain Electronics, creating the Polivoks modules based on designs from the classic Russian analog synth. But regardless of the collab, Scott's design focus comes through on all of these synth modules, and his attention to detail makes them among everyone's favorite devices.

In our chat, we discuss everything from the name change, through Scott's explorations in music electronics, to the development of the Polivoks devices and his own work - including how he approaches synth design. We also talk a lot about how his perspective of performance and instrument design is seen in his module creations. I came out of this discussion understanding a lot more about his decision-making process, and also about why these modules feel so perfect when playing."
Anyone know about the pedals he mentions?
Thanks for posting. Nice to hear continued firmware development is a focus. Also updated TS and Kermit! hyper

Edit: Also, the bit about how Gov'r designs his interfaces for improv/performance rings so true. I think that's why I'm so drawn to them, as they exude a certain amount of tactility. I never thought about how the drastically different panel layouts, knob sizes and attenuverter locations had such an impact on the interaction with The Harvestman
great interview. i enjoyed it a lot. lot's of great info in there
Top line interview as always from Darwin.
It is also Worth checking out the make noise interview with tony a while back.
"If you ever have the opportunity to do a tear-down of a Polivoks I highly recommend it. It's an otherworldly experience."

Nice interview so far. Seems like Jaeger gets more comfortable as the interview goes on. Thanks for sharing.
coolshirtdotjpg wrote:
Anyone know about the pedals he mentions?

This needs answers

Maybe he's just referencing integration with the Black Lotus...
hawkfuzz wrote:
coolshirtdotjpg wrote:
Anyone know about the pedals he mentions?

This needs answers

Maybe he's just referencing integration with the Black Lotus...

Pure Speculation...
I believe the pedals side of things was a potential cash cow that would support the less profitable modular synth endeavors. But now that the modular synth market has made the venture viable, the guitar pedal aspect was put to the side.

Nonetheless, there are more interesting exploratory ventures on the horizon of impossibility...
The Legion of Doom collabo with Malekko (a pedal maker as well) is salivating.
Enjoying being wrong on this one:
"We'll be showing the pedals at NAMM 2018. We have four designs ready, two use digital processing. The analog designs include circuits by Vladimir Kuzmin. No official announcement yet, I've just declared that this additional product line will exist in the near future."

Fook ya more Kuzmin.
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