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Various piston honda bits
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Author Various piston honda bits
Fucking loving this module SlayerBadger!
Handful of honda-powered snippets here:

Holy Shit! somebody finally got around to recording something musical with it instead of just a robot in a blender sounds

I dig it, a lot.
Yes! Extreme noise demos kind of get tiring after a while.

Some really great textures and tones in these!
Smooth Operator
Fantastic! I already decided on the e350, now it´s open again...
Thanks for listening.
Yeah it's easy to spit out crunching noise with Honda, but a bit of subtle tweakery and rounding off the more spiky edges with a filter and suddenly it's a beautifully detailed instrument, as capable of strange broken melodies as it is of glitchfuckery. you can probably tell I'm totally smitten with the bastard MY ASS IS BLEEDING.. It's completely flipped my modular gameplan and I've had to seriously force myself to not buy a second one ambulance

The Honda & Vulcan are my first two modules, currently sitting alone in a 6U case under the Sherman, so all those sounds are the H thru the S, modded by the V (except obviously the guitar and the lead line in 04, and a bit of Tama analogue drums also triggered by the V here and there).

One word of warning though - it can spit out some brutal dc offset/zerocrossings. I looked up a few times to see my speakers doing the 4" pulse of doom woah
Really enjoyed the first track thumbs up
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