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how best to test a Choices
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Author how best to test a Choices
I have a Choices and feel that the right side OUT doesnt do as much as the left OUT

I can only get voltage between 7'oclock and 11 oclock no matter how i change the knobs????

I have looked at all the connections on the back and they are on tight.
Any idea how to fix this?
Replied to PM.
ocd synthnerd
This sounds like the problem I am having with my choices. Same side the right side, y axis. But moving the stick up and down doesn't seem to do anything. only the offset knob on the right side seems to do anything.
The whole left side,x axis works perfectly. help
Okay, the first thing to check is the Y-axis connector - the one one the joystick pot itself. I cut a groove across the connecting face so that the connector sits further down on the pot terminals and won't fall off, but sometimes a fragment of plastic from the sawing remains inside the connector and prevents the connector terminal from making contact with the potentiometer terminal:

Pull the connector off and make sure nothing is keeping the jaws from closing. Use a pin or needle to clear any obstructions. Then replace the connector and see if that fixed the problem.
ocd synthnerd
Flight fucking rules. Thanks for the help
Choices is so useful.
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