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Electronic Drum Kits?
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Author Electronic Drum Kits?
Hey y'all. I'm hoping this is the right forum for this question, but I'm wondering if anyone has an experience with electronic drum kits and might have some recommendations? I'm living in an apartment these days so I can't quite break out a full kit anymore.
I've one of these... an amazing instrument. Not a drum kit but capable of a diverse range of percussive sounds.


and an example with a looper...

mrcharles wrote:
I've one of these... an amazing instrument. Not a drum kit but capable of a diverse range of percussive sounds.


and an example with a looper...

Whoa, I have never seen anything quite like that. I'm not sure that's exactly what I'm looking for, but it's certainly a beautiful and unusual instrument!
phase ghost
Do you have a budget? I own a Yamaha DTX (I think that's what it's called) from years ago. It's all rubber drum heads. Honestly, it sucks. It's fine to beat in some midi notes here and there. But, for any "real" drumming, it's shit. It doesn't resemble acoustic drums in any way.

Imo, the only kits worth investing in are those which have mesh heads on them. I played a Yamaha kit at Guitar Center that was somewhere around the $1000 mark, and the mesh heads made all the difference. The high-hats are something to consider too. Better kits usually have something decent.

My advice is: Cheap kits suck. Emulating an acoustic experience will cost you.
As far as I am not a drummer I got the handsonic HPD-20 and I am very happy with it. I can play drumlike with my fingers now. Moreover I use my own sounds in the machine.

Sometime I trigger external samples via midi.

For more drumlike feeling you can hook up 2 pedals (bassdrum + hh)

May you want to have look: (it's not me in the video)

To the OP, Roland V-drums are probably the best you can get. More cheaply the Alessi apparently not too bad.

There is an entire board devoted to vdrums:
I adore my Roland Octapad. Takes up the space of a chair.
The Nord Drum 2 and Nord Pad combo is pretty good too. If you get a decent stand and a kick trigger its great to use live as well.
If you want to play the kit as a drumset, then get an e-drum set. Pads just don't cut it for that, although they're great as portable percussion. I love my Handsonic but it's a whole different type of instrument, meant to emulate hand percussion, not to be played with sticks.

Get the best Roland V-Drums or Yamaha DTX kit you can budget for. Better to go with something slightly used if that means you can get a better model, but avoid old, obsolete models.

Go with mesh heads for all drums (that means mid-range and upwards) if you can, although rubber toms might be ok for practice.

If I were to buy a kit, I'd be looking to spend at least $1500. Fortunately, I can play acoustic kits at home.
What FAC said.
I love my Nord drum 3p, it is very compact, versatile, easy to program, has 6 voices, and a joy to play. It has nice synth engines, good samples, and the reverb/delay added onto the version 3 really make a huge addition to many patches (I first scoff at them until I learned there true potential while making custom patches). The pads are fairly stiff (but not in a bad way) so I found I like using heavier drum sticks with a broader tip on them. Finally you can also make custom kits which is super rad.

My Ludwig kit, with mesh head conversion by Diamond Drums, coupled with a Roland TD30. Triggering is much better than the Roland V drums. It's no noisier than a Roland kit, but because the drum sizes are 'normal' it's much better to play. Diamond Drums really are amazing if you want a decent kit. If I swapped the heads and removed the dampening I could also convert this back to an acoustic kit.

Prior to this I had the Roland PD120 etc, chalk and cheese in terms of playability.
Ever considered putting a Synesthesia Mandala kit together? I used to play on a Roland V-Drum kit (can't remember the model number for the life of me) but it was alright. I think they are good if you aren't recording but want to just practice your stuff.

I really like Mandala pad's because they are so incredibly open ended. The only problem that I've experienced is the latency of the Virtual Brain software, which you do not have to use. Synesthesia used to make a Mandala Brain (piece of hardware with samples) but I think that was some of the earliest prototypes of the drum pad. Anyhow, you can get around the latency by using either Ableton live to trigger samples or NI Battery (I have no experience with this software). Good luck!
Not sure if you're looking for a full kit. I have a Yamaha DTXplorer, it is relatively cheap for a full drum kit. I think it works well, you can play it at conversation volume. I'm not a drummer, so take my assessment with a grain of salt. The bass and hi hat pedals feel a little weird but they work okay. i&rls=en&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiyjJP3gOrVAhXIg1QKHdQiDJ AQ_AUIDCgD&biw=1440&bih=811&dpr=2
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