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IBANEZ FP-777 (Flying Pan) - anyone familiar with this box?
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Author IBANEZ FP-777 (Flying Pan) - anyone familiar with this box?
i just go one.
it's supposedly a limited re-issue of a vintage maxon phasor/pan effect.

it's a nice pedal, but i find it disappointing that once the panning effect is switched on, the volume drops considerably, to a level even my wife would appreciate.

the phasing isn't very big, but still ok.
i got this pedal for the panning/tremolo effect in combination with the phasing.

but with the volume dropping so much, to maybe half the original level, it isn't much fun.

now i am wondering if this is normal behaviour for this pedal, or that maybe something is wrong.

so, if anyone is familiar with the pedal and could comment on this - it would be much appreciated.

I'd never heard of that pedal, and just watched several demos of it. I don't hear that drop in volume happening in any of the demos. That's certainly not a definitive answer however. I did notice at least one of the videos making my head spin - cool!
i came across it last week and bought one straight away (after i had found it).

i saw the demo's too. it's nothing like that.

i have tried with battery, 2 different psu's, in a chain with another pedal, on its own, with balanced trs to xlr cables and with mono jack/jack cables.

it slightly improves when i use the mono jack cables, i think.

i just don't understand.

maybe it's something stupid.
A.S. wrote:

maybe it's something stupid.

yeah, prob. check if there is some schematic. i might just be 1 resistor you need to change ... better yet make a pot out of it so you can adjust the volume.
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