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The "Show Us Your Filters" Thread
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Author The "Show Us Your Filters" Thread
Hey folks! I thought it'd be cool to have a thread where we could talk about the filters we have in our systems. I really love the option of having a wide range of filters to choose from and I'm always looking for more.

I figured we could list out our filters then exchange info / answer questions / provide videos to other Wigglers all in a single thread as a sort of reference point.

I'm not sure if it'll take off or how useful it'll be but I haven't found a thread quite like it in the 5U section. If there is one please let me know and perhaps we can take our filter talk there. In the meantime....

My current filter set up (as of August 9th, 2017)

- Barton Musical Circuits BMS034 Switched Resistor VCF
- Cat Girl Synthesizers CGS35 Steiner Synthacon VCF
- Cat Girl Synthesizers CGS45 Dual Wasp Filter
- DJ Thomas White Triple Low Pass Gate Buchla filter
- Moogah SEM Filter (Oberheim)
- Oakley Discrete Ladder Filter
- Oakley Journeyman Filter (x2)
- PAiA 9730 VCF (MU retrofit)
- STG Sea Devils Filter
- Synthesizers.Com Q107 State Variable Filter
- Yusynth ARP 4072 Filter
- Yusynth Fixed Filter Bank (not Voltage Controlled but a damn good filter!)
- Yusynth Minimoog Filter Clone (discrete transistor pairs)

Descriptions with links have video demonstrations of the filter. Right now there is only one but I'll try to get more available quickly.

Here are some pics...

The main VCF section in SWAN

More filters in my portable Phoenix

My trusty FFB

I have way too many. Or not quite enough, depending on which day it is.


MOTM 490 uVCF (moog modular clone)
MOTM 440 Discrete OTA Lowpass
MOTM 480 CS-Mode Resonant Filter
MOTM 510 Wavewarper
MOTM 410 Triple Resonant Filter
David Dixon 2164 Korgasmatron III Dual VCF
Magic Smoke Electronics Mankato VCF
Jugen Haible Variable Slope Filter/Phaser
...and a bunch of LPGs that can work as filters

Pics of some of these...

Korgasmatron III front by Stephen Drake, on Flickr

Jurgen Haible Varislope Filter/Phaser front by Stephen Drake, on Flickr
I have 3 in my portable system:

Oakley SVF
Corsynth OTA LP MKII

All three serve different purposes, esp. the LPG for absolutely screaming resonance, but overall, my favorite is the SVF. At only 1U, it sounds beautiful and is quite functional with multiple outputs. Bandpass is divine.

It's mostly DIY and only 5U, the most is MOTM style

MOTM 410
MOTM 420
MOTM 440
MOTM 480R (both Filter have all outputs on the panel)
MOTM 490
Yusynth Arp4072 'bc' Version
Arp4012 - from steffcorp Euro to 5U conversion
Arp4072 2SA789 version
Yusynth Minimoog VCF
Blue lantern State variable VCF
Oakley Diode lader
Oakley croglin
Oakley HVM
Oakley Noise-Filter
SEM vcf
Cgs77 serge vcf
Bintic VCF/VCO
Amsynths 8121 Roland-100 vcf

All of this listed filter are great in my usecases,
The 440 is great but I love my Arp filters more.
The 410 is really great for effect sounds like rain and wind.
I can't describe the bintic, it's completely different from all other filters what I heard before.
The Oakley Diode vcf is good for phat bass sounds.
The 420 is good for MS20 sounds.
All are great filters and don't want miss one.

The most of this are DIY builds by me and here documented:

Wow, those are some cool filter collections guys! Thanks so much for sharing and for kicking off this thread with a bang.

@LED-Man - thanks so much for sharing the filter descriptions and especially your build thread.

@Cupperwear - that's one wild digital oscillator you have! Very nice setup.

It's great to hear what Wigglers are using their filters for and to note the different configurations of similar products. Despite my OCD need for black panels and white text I have to marvel at the colour co-ordination of Steve's designs!

I forgot to mention a few details about my setup. I do love the Moog filter sound and for that I make lots of use of my Yusynth Minimoog Clone and Oakley Discrete Ladder Filter. In fact the DLF is probably my very favourite filter in my system.

I've been told that the Oakley Journeyman filter is best used in pairs and that's totally true as far as I'm concerned. One in high-pass and one in low-pass yield some great sounds.

For just nutty sounds I LOVE the PAiA 9730. It has a rep for going nuts at high resonance. I implemented a fix for this at one point but it tamed the filter so much I found it un-interesting. I reversed the fix and now I get some exciting and unpredictable sounds. Plus it has its own EG. Details on this conversion can be found here

The Yusynth Arp 4072 filter is another excellent sounding filter that I find myself using more and more.

The CGS49 Dual Wasp filter is also another great filter for making some bizarre and unpredictable sounds. In certain situations it seems very mild but once you get some CVs going through it the output is fantastic! Plus... there are two of them and you can shift CVs between filters.

Gotta run for now and I'm not done raving about how much I love each filter but for now I'll say thanks for contributing guys and please keep the filter info and pics coming!
sduck wrote:
I have way too many. Or not quite enough, depending on which day it is.


MOTM 490 uVCF (moog modular clone)
MOTM 440 Discrete OTA Lowpass
MOTM 480 CS-Mode Resonant Filter
MOTM 510 Wavewarper
MOTM 410 Triple Resonant Filter
David Dixon 2164 Korgasmatron III Dual VCF
Magic Smoke Electronics Mankato VCF
Jugen Haible Variable Slope Filter/Phaser
...and a bunch of LPGs that can work as filters

Pics of some of these...

Korgasmatron III front by Stephen Drake, on Flickr

Jurgen Haible Varislope Filter/Phaser front by Stephen Drake, on Flickr

if you are ever letting your korgasmatron III or haible go.. do let me know smile
Mos-Lab 904A
Mos-Lab 914FFB
Mos-Lab 'filters' (-6dB)
MegaOhm MA-20
Corsynth OTA

All of them except Mos-Lab small filters are always used in chains. FFB is used more for external signals - drums, polysynths.

I plan to expand my filters list when found some modules which will be a great addition for them and my music.
Dave Peck
Here's mine:

Top row:
1. Pair of Dotcom Q107 SFVs (will probably replace at least one with a different SVF, maybe a Moon?)
2. MOTM 485 GX-1 style HP/LP
3. MOTM 410 triple resonant filter

Second row:
1. Pair of Dotcom Q150 24dB Ladder Filters
2. Hordijk dual phaser

Third Row:
1. Hordijk phase filter (five pole phaser & 18dB filter in series)
2. Hordijk 24dB Steiner-style multimode filter

Bottom row:
1. MOTM 440 24dB LPF

Dave Peck
Hey FLARELESS - You're one of the few wigglers I've seen that has both a Dotcom Q107 SVF and a different type of SVF (Moogah SEM) to compare it to - how would you compare the sounds of these two filters?

And have you had experience using the Oakley/Krisp1 "SEM style" SVF?
I've got the following in my system:

Dotcom Q107
SSL Steiner Filter (first version with the 'glitch')
STG Sea Devils
STG Post-Lawsuit
Grove PM Resonator
MegaOhm Delta
MegaOhm MA-20
MegaOhm CdS
Oakley DSL
Oakley TSL
Oakley Journeyman
Oakley Croglin
Mos-Lab Kobol Expander III
Hordijk 24dB
Hordijk Twin Peak

I've also got Steiner-Parker Synthasystem VCFs in my Synthasystem; this is different from the SSL, which uses the Synthacon VCF.

Happy to answer any questions folks have about any of these!
Got a few different filters Q107, Q150, C101 & a dual wasp (thanks Rich!) but this is my favorite at the moment...

I currently have it patched through the top end of a 454 exiting through a stereo array with 24" resonators.

Very mellow and subdued if driven with low level signals....but if you crank up the input....sonic mayhem ensues!!
Nowhere near the selection some have here (ahem, Flareless, LED-man and sduck), but as Peter Gabriel would say... "I like what I got and I got what I like..." okay maybe not.

Q150 with switch for 1, 2 & 3 pole modes
This filter has made it to more recordings than any filter in my system by a factor of two to one. Bought it to approach a Moog sound but realized quickly the inherent quality it has on it's own. Also has quite a range of sounds - hidden away in the multiple slopes available with the switch modification. Even the -12dB mode is pretty cool although nothing like a Moog.

Q107 with overdrive resonance Q mode
A totally under-rated filter IMO. It baffles me at how some discount the filter as being a plain-jane offering from It has quite a bit of character in the high pass mode. The notch mode is something I cherish. Because of the hard nature of the emphasis it can be very good at cut-panning through the spectrum like a knife through hot butter.

Q127 FFD with breakout Aid
Normally thought of as a tame version of the more colorful Moog FFB, the breakout panel can afford the user a way to send a band through some effects and back into the mix for some tailoring of the timbre like a horticulturist with a pruning shear.

Cyndustries Quad Low Pass Gates with super-cool Mega Ohm Audio upgrade!
I acquired this early on a decade or so ago and struggled with getting it to produce some decent ringing pluck sounds in the typical Buchla manner from which it's (supposed) pedigree was conceived. After Phil at Mega Ohm Audio modified it to bring some gain and resonance up, the thing is at last a decent vactrol filter in quad format. Thanks Phil!

Mega Ohm Audio CdS
Superb LPG and VCA control utility module. Loads of fun with fast transient percussive sounds. The best LPG in 5U I've laid hands on yet.

synthCube "moogah" SEM filter
Another DIY project but well-worth the effort at all costs. I've been a fan of Tom Oberheim's SEM filter for four decades so it's a no-brainer to include this in the system. True to the nature of the rare bird. You simply can't go wrong with this for a brass sound.

Oakley/Krisp1 VC-SVF
My go-to filter for sound shaping... and what else would a filter be for anyway? This is an essential tool for any system. One space module width and full of life. The switchable resonance strength is a key ingredient. Tame at a normal setting and wet as a newborn at the higher setting.

Oakley/Krisp1 Diode Superladder
If you need to get your bass line into the proper place then this one will do it for sure. I can't define it as a particular "style" of filter as much as a great sounding "smooth" filter in the five pole setting with proper gain control despite cranking up the resonance. When driving this filter with some higher level inputs it still sounds very rich without harsh clipping. The voltage controlled resonance is a nice feature too. Try this one in "STEEP" mode with a bass line full of harmonics like a sawtooth or square wave and velocity accents on the resonance.

STG Soundlabs Sea Devils
Another diode ladder filter with some more classic character along the lines of a famous suitcase (pun intended) synth. Okay, more than a way to play "On The Run" by the Floyd, it can double up as a good percussive filter with your favorite noise input as well. Not going anywhere, anytime soon from my system. A keeper.

STG Soundlabs Post Lawsuit Low Pass Filter
The "quintessential arpist" will agree this filter takes the game into piro-technic territory like no other, with even a bit more punch - if it was possible. Probably the finest way to sculpt a two or three vco voice line in a hurry. The newest incarnation has even more to offer and if you are looking to put some gasoline on the flames, why not add this one to the arsenal?

Yusynth Arp 4072 Filter
My first synth was an Arp Axxe. I had the pleasure of messing with a "grayface" 2600 back-in-the-day. Yves Usson has managed to bring the flavor home again (no surprise). This is butter on black bread from the oven. What a great filter. Hearing it in the flesh is an experience for any would-be synthesist. I still can't get over the great sound of this one.

Synthetic Sound Labs Steiner Filter
A very unique filter. It can at once be a heady tool for sound sculpting in a vein of a resonant state variable and at the same time be capable of mixing through each mode's level independently. The sound can be mundane like a parametric EQ and then raspy when dialed in just right. A good filter to manage a slow sweep of several oscillator voices at once in a unique way. A brilliant design.

Yusynth Minimoog Filter
The best Minimoog filter on the market for 5U. Drive this one with feedback and it is second to none. If ever there was a reason to get your chops up on DIY then this one is it. Beg, borrow or steal one if you can.

Synthesis Technology MOTM 440 discrete OTA low pass filter
One thing to say... flip the boost on. Power in a black panel. The Bridechamber version I have has enough inputs and attenuators to supply a modest system with all the control it needs. The famous slope of this filter is well known for it's ability to turn a 90 pound weakling bass fart into an earthquake in record time. It also can be used to tame the Siren's of Ulysses's fate. Keep an eye out on the used market or find some one willing to trade your fortune for this one. Heck, sell your Prophet 5 to get this into the modular!

Cat Girl Synth Serge 1973
Ken Stone (once again) has developed the holy grail of sound elements in this design. The sound of the early Serge filters in some of the most iconic New Age and EM releases of the 70's and 80's used this non-self-oscillating resonant Low and High Pass filter. For those thinking - "why bother with a non-oscillating resonant filter?" then all I can say is - the TONE! This has it in spades. Even so, with a modification it can be a resonant oscillator on steroids. The 2 pole 12dB/oct low and high pass and 6dB band pass are very rich in harmonics even with modest Q emphasis. When you boost the Q with a resistor change and recover the gain loss through the boost circuit you get a very aggressive filter with tone unlike any other. It retains it's harmonic stack and overdrives the sound nicely.

Mos Lab 904-A LPF
A nice approximation of the famous Moog classic modular filter. It is best suited for use with the whole Mos Lab suite of modules as the gain structure needs to be coupled with the classic 12 and 6 volt module lineup. A very simple but elegant filter capable of providing tone sculpting the way anyone would ever need from a typical Moog-centric setup. Can't go wrong here!

Cat Girl Synth Bi-N-Tic filter
Probably the most misunderstood filter (or that matter MODULE) in the whole of 5U history. In actuality it is a multi-bandpass filter (comb) with an integrated VCO inside it's guts. The vco acts as a control to the dual integrators and controls the cascade of bands across the input. Sometimes with the right settings it can be quite bland but other times it can open holes in the branes between universes. For a way to introduce harmonic inbreeding to the otherwise tame world of electronic music, then get hold of one of these clangy, radio-active beasts.

Jugen Haible Tau "Pipe" phaser
Okay in class, not a "filter" as such but technically - YES it is a filter with the classic multi-band phasing thingy in mind. It can be used as a voltage controlled filter with the 1v/oct input and sweep in a nicely resonant way across like any good multi-band-pass filter. It also has a switch to turn it into a VCA. "Why is that", you say? With the on-board LFO it can be a nice tremolo module.

Oakley Equinoxe phaser
OK since I included the Tau Phaser I thought it prudent to give a respectful nod to Tony Allgood's nice facsimile of the famous Jarre pick of phasers. I can't say for sure if it was the Small Stone or the MuTron Bi-Phase or what, but this one sounds like 'Da Bomb!. I like it so much I have two of them. Once again, it is voltage controlled on the center frequency so I consider it a great filter despite it's downgraded "Phaser" pedigree. Even better it has an LFO output so it can be used for that in a pinch as well.

Grove Audio PolyMoog Resonator
NICE! What else can be said for this static formant filter bank? If you want a way to sculpt sounds like Gary Neumann did then this is the way to go.
I'm down to 2 filters...both are MOS-LAB 904-A. But I do have a new DSI Prophet 6 and a new Streetly Mellotron, so there's that.
Dave Peck wrote:
And have you had experience using the Oakley/Krisp1 "SEM style" SVF?

Just wanted to say that the Oakley SVF is not a SEM clone. The SEM filter is an SVF but the two circuits are quite different from one another.

Dave Peck
kindredlost wrote:

Q107 with overdrive resonance Q mode (snip)

synthCube "moogah" SEM filter (snip)

Oakley/Krisp1 VC-SVF (snip)

Hi Kindredlost, I see that you also have a variety of 12dB state variable filters! Can you describe how similar or how different you feel the sound of the Moogah-SEM and the Oakley/Krisp1 SVF are? I'm looking for a good SEM filter sound, especially when mixing LP and HP in various amounts (other than a 50/50 notch). I would really prefer a pre-built module, especially in 1U like teh Krisp1, but could possibly be interested in a 2U DIY if there's a significant difference in the sound. What do you think?
Dave Peck
Synthbuilder wrote:
Dave Peck wrote:
And have you had experience using the Oakley/Krisp1 "SEM style" SVF?

Just wanted to say that the Oakley SVF is not a SEM clone. The SEM filter is an SVF but the two circuits are quite different from one another.


Oops! Our posts happened at the same time. Thanks for the info. If you have any insight in how the sound of the Oaklay/Krisp1 compares to the sound of a SEM, I'd be interested.
Synthcube offer the moogah SEM in MU format.
I build this byself and had before a Oberheim SEM and the vcf is really close to the original. arch=Moogah%20&description=true
I'm not overly interested in filters. Tend to like to shape sounds in other ways.
This is my only one in 24 MOTM spaces. Based pretty strongly on the Serge Resonant EQ.

Most of my filter collection is in Euro. I also have a Metasonix d1000 which is like having 3 bandpass filters.

My MOTM filters were my first modules. They are Mad Science Lab SSM1 filters which use SSM2040 filter chips. I have 3 filters and I love each one.
Cool thread!

STG Sea Devils
STG Mankato
MΩ Delta
Oakley Croglin
Oakley Deep Equinox

Short vid with most of those briefly soloed....

nice little demo.. not scientific but fun and gives you an idea of how they sound..
its pretty much what I though before hearing this demo..
delta is epic..
Q150 is underrated.. (and you are not even feeding it back !)
croglin is on the list (I have a real mini synth)
and the mankato.. one day my son.. one day...
the CDS is great for buchla type percussive tones.

motm 440 .. great once you resonance it up a little
Korgasmatron another one with many tricks and the classic korg vibe(with huge hairy bells on)
wasp is good ..mine needs more guts added.. smile

there are a few others.. I pretty much have two filters in each voice.. and have 7 voices in the modular at present...

we need an oscillator thread like this..
My system is relatively small, but here's my filter list:

Q150 Ladder Filter: I just realized that I never have thought to feedback it very frustrating what am I doing? I'm going to do that right now...

Yusynth Arp 4072 Filter: Nice, clean, and not too obtrusive.

and a Yusynth Steiner Parker Filter: Nasty and growly, with self-oscillation that has made my ears ring many times, especially since it likes to hit self-oscillation with the knob only half turned up which always seems to catch me off guard dizzy

Soon to be is a Yusynth Minimoog Filter, I'm curious how it will sound compared to the Q150

Synthcube also just started shipping my triple Thomas White LPG which I am really looking forward to putting together.

@Flareless, I saw that you have a Thomas White LPG as well, I'm curious how you like it and how you make use of all three LPGs. This will be my first LPG module so I'm psyched!
Q150 Ladder Filter: I just realized that I never have thought to feedback it very frustrating what am I doing? I'm going to do that right now...

its sweet.. play with the 2 volumes smile

also.. have you moved the jumper to 3 pole 18db..? its much more interesting there.. more "electro" less crazy rez..

my steiner is not self rezzing yet.. soon tho.
Great info everyone. Thanks so much and please keep it coming.

Here's a bit more info on mine;

Q107 State Variable Filter - Definitely a goto filter. As Kindredlost mentioned this one seems to be underrated and gets a bum rap. It's awesome and very versatile.

Moogah SEM VCF - While this is another state variable filter there are enough differences which make it worthwhile in my stable of filters. It's filter characteristics are different from the Q107 plus is has a Variable frequency output which can be swept (although not via CV). This allows for some cool sounds. In addition there are two mixing inputs which give some great flexibility without the addition of a mixer module.

DJ Thomas White Triple LPG - This was a tricky build as at the time the documentation was sketchy (although Synthcube was awesome in getting me the info I needed). At build time Vactrols were also easy to come by. I used different Vactrol pairs for each filter; Fast / Fast, Fast / Slow and Slow / Slow. This yields very different results for each filter's output. I wouldn't call this a "go to" filter but it is definitely one I wouldn't do without. I get cool percussive sounds as well as wild, out-there feedback sounds. Plus each filter can be switched to VCA mode in a pinch.

STG Sea Devils Filter - An interesting filter and a great addition for my lecture / demo featuring On The Run by Pink Floyd. I don't find myself using this filter that often though. That's not to say there's anything wrong with it, it's just not one of my top faves (but I still like it!)

CGS35 Steiner Parker Filter - As with many Ken Stone designs there are several build options available for this filter. Presently mine is built "stock" and produces some great sounds although nothing terribly extraordinary. I like it but plan to test run a few of the mods available when I have a chance to see what else it can do.

Thanks again folks for your contributions to this thread. Hopefully Wigglers will find it helpful in chosing their next filters. You can never have too many VCFs

thumbs up
Paradigm X
I has;

(First to post this one) a fonik PS3100 triple vactrol bandpass filter - lovely thing, squelchy as hell. only got a knobless photo on this pc.

Oakley SVF (love this thing, bought cheap off ebay, thought it might be a bit 'vanilla' but its killer)
Oakley COTA (SH101 all day long)
Oakley Croglin ('cold sounding' but very versatile and a really nice alternative to moogy style things. )

In the backlog;
Fonik Wasp clone (just needs wiring)
T.White LPGs
Polivox clone by xpmtl
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