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KarmaFX Question concerning user-types for this Synth
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Author KarmaFX Question concerning user-types for this Synth
I own KARMAFX and I always wondered if this "machine" is used exclusively by people from the techno, trance and EDM- scene in general***. I nowhere could find a forum or threats concerning sound-design and experimental sounds made with KARMAFX.

Is there such a scene for this modular synth (for experience exchange, tutorials, tips and tricks - everything you find is rave and trance (yawn))?

I am asking because I want to delve more into other Synth like TASSMAN4 and AALTO and want to learn them inside out and I wonder if it is worth it to do the same with KARMAFX. I always thought KARMAFX is a very good sounding system but on the other hand I find it somehow clean, lacks a bit character it is a bit stereotype. Its somehow like the equally good sounding SYNTHMASTER but I also think KARMAFX owns lesser sound posibilities than SYNTHMASTER. Maybe I have a wrong approach to KARMAFX?

What is your experience with KARMAFX concerning these points?


***I am more the THROBBING GRISTLE, WEATHER REPORT, SKINNY PUPPY (TOO DARK PARK period), HERBIE HANCOCK (early 70th), DAVID SYLVIAN, SCOTT WALKER (actual phase), JOHN CAGE, ESBJÖRN SVENSSON kind of music listener and I try to play piano myself (haha) and own synthesizers since 1992.
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