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Vintage Video Camera Power
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Author Vintage Video Camera Power
I recently got a Panasonic vidicon WV-3000 vhs camera, took a punt on ebay for £20. One that doesnt have tape in it, its one that requires a power supply that has a break out to send to a VHS recorder/mixer/etc
It has come with a power supply that has 14V on it, but the camera has 12V written on it. I'm guessing this is the wrong supply. Unless like some things, there is a power regulator in there that knocks it to 12?

Two questions,
a) What is the name of this type of power supply? (ive tried googling lots of different things)
b) Do cameras like this from this time have standardised connections and power? As in, if I pick up another camera like this will it work using this supply? Or am I best grabbing something else?

Cheers smile
The power supply is probably fine. Almost any DC circuit will accept some range of input voltages. If the power supply came with the camera--presumably the previous owner was using it. It's called a DC power supply or power adapter--nothing fancy. Without seeing a photo of the connectors in question--hard to say if they're standardized.

This site has a good overview of different connector types and pin outs.
Like what has been said, any DC 12V should work, different cameras will have different consumption.
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