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Sequencing a Serge
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Author Sequencing a Serge
I'm having troubles wrapping my head around how to sequence a serge with serge modules. To describe what I'm looking for, I usually turn to my eurorack orbitals sequencer or my arp1601 sequencer. something like a repetitive, morse code like sequence.

I have a serge TPS and gate sequencer but they dont really seem to work like this. for example if I have a 8 step loop and I want steps 2,3,5,6,7 to be on. If I stack these outputs into the trigger in of a dusg it doesn't sound the same as with the euro sequencers. seriously, i just don't get it
I'm not sure which difference you're mentioning. Do you mean it does not act the same between steps? Like a gate on the orbital would stay open untill it hits the next active one?
You could use a row of your TPS and take it's CV OUT as gate on/off fonction instead of using the single GATE outputs.

I'd take the CV OUT of the row I mentioned and send it directly to a VCA, then fine tune the gates you want to be opened instead of trigging the DUSG. Though again I'm not sure what you want to achieve, if you use the DUSG as env. generator or else.

EDIT: I read again the key is in what you say about the "morse code" effect. I understand now. So forget my coment about taking a row of CV OUT cause you'd get the same result.
You want each step to be very short but using the DUSG as env. generator, the gates remains open between 2/3 and 5/6/7. Is this what you mean?
So you need to take the 1, 4 & 8 out of the pulse train. There's maybe a simpler solution, but I'd use pers. 2 x DUSG. On the first I'd take the pulse away from the train*** and take it's trig out to trig the 2nd DUSG which then sends the right result to the VCA. Seems a bit complicated cause you need 2 x DUSG, but I don't see any other solution for now without the machine in front of me!

***Send the ALL OUT to the TRIG IN of DUSG 1. Send the single OUT 1, 4, 8 to the IN of DUSG 1. Take GATE OUT of DUSG 1, send it to TRIG IN of DUSG 2. Send DUSG 2 OUT to VCA.
Of course you need to set the env correctly on both DUSG, but this is how you do now I'm sure.
adjacent steps on the tkb will appear as a merged gate so if you stack 2-16, gate will only go low on 1. to get gates out of adjacent steps you need to put them on an AND gate with the clock.
livefreela wrote:
to get gates out of adjacent steps you need to put them on an AND gate with the clock.

Yeah you can try indeed if you have an AND module in your setup. This never worked on my SWAMP nor the TKB of the Paperface, but it's worth a try as it's the most logical way.

I'd need to go to a comparator first to make that with my SWAMP (will need one day to make the pulses OUT stronger to avoid that).
On my TKB connecting different steps together makes it act weird since day 1 (never tried again though... but I also might check one day where the issue lays).

yan6, what livefreela means is that you take the clock and send it to an input of a AND module. Then you send all the steps you want to hear in the other input of the AND module (not only the adjacent steps). The OUT will give you only the steps you want, incl. adjacent ones if any.
You see there's indeed no direct way to make what your other sequencers can do.
Guys, really great responses thumbs up I finally had some time to give this a try and mess around; the AND gate worked perfectly. It does make the led's act a little weird on the touch pads and it did latch up once but I think that may have been my fault hmmm..... but it did give me the results I am looking for. I did have to make one mod to it. It sounded like I was getting double triggers on each note. The led on the DUSG confirmed this and it was more pronounced as I extended the decay on the DUSG. If I ran the AND output through and inverter it seemed to get rid of this seriously, i just don't get it
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