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COA3 Sequential Switch Patch: 2x16 step sequencer
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Author COA3 Sequential Switch Patch: 2x16 step sequencer
COA3 Sequential Switch Patch: 2x16 step sequencer

I kept reading about how the COA3's pulse sequencer, programmer sequencers, and triple bi-directional switches could be patched using the triple bi-directional switch as a sequential switch - but couldn't figure it out. Once you get it, the COA3 becomes a 2 x 16-step sequencer.

Assumptions: external clock input only, everything else is patching among the different components of the COA3.

Spoiler alert: if you like figuring this out for yourself, read no further, just be assured it's possible with the right change in perspective. If you're like me and were just looking for the shortcut, read on. Now that I figured it out, I feel like a dunce for not getting it right away.

The change in perspective needed: you get 16 steps by column, not by row. That is, the four knobs in column 1 go first, then the four in column 2, etc. I decided to patch so that the sequence in each column goes from bottom knob to top knob, 'cause the pulse sequencer (at least the steps 1-5 on the left side) goes from bottom to top.

First I solved the patch for one of the three bi-directional switches. For each clock tic, a column in the programmer sequencer plays two notes. The pulse sequencer restarts after generating beat two, and the column advances to the next. The output of the switch ("B") send pitch to the VCO (or whatever CV to whatever module you want).

From there it was easy to get to three notes per column, and then to four:

It is trivial to patch the right half of the COA3 like the left half so that you have 2 x 16-step sequencers. You can run both sides at the same speed by using the same pulse output from the pulse sequencer to advance columns. Or you can have one running at 1/4 the speed of the other: patch from the pulse output of left side programmer sequencer column one into the column advance input of the right side.

There's lots of other COA3 explorations to do with just a single clock input. Also, I know that with external logic/ switch modules it will be trivial to patch the COA3 lots of other ways. Those modules are in the hopper and coming soon (got to buy more patch cables!). However, the approach above is the simplest I found so far, and I find simplicity so very hard to find, in general.

The videos below are no musical works (and the tone and volume are horrible); they were just tuned so I could be sure that the patch was working as I intended - and shot so I wouldn't lose the patch. After these short videos were taken, I sped up the clock and started to have fun with the pitch sequence.


This patch took me too long, but I found it, and it illustrates a 16-step sequence being transposed 8 times. It uses just the COA3, CGS36 (Pulse Divider and Boolean Logic), a DSG section as clock, and a DSG section as VCO.

Pitch sequence: The COA3 left side programmer sequencer & bi-directional router (patched as a sequential switch per the earlier post above) creates the 16 step CV sequence, and is patched into the 1V/Oct in of the DSG VCO. The bottom 2 rows of the right side programmer sequencer + one switch in the bi-directional router (patched as a 2-step sequential switch) creates the transposition pitches. The CV out of the COA3 right hand side goes to the DSG VCO Rise CV in - this transposes the original pitch sequence.

Timing: Clock in to the COA3 Pulse Sequencer Clock, with reset after step 4, and left side programmer sequencer column advance at step 1. Pulse out of left side column 1 patched to right side column advance. So all 16 steps of left side play before right side step advances. Right side is patched so that bottom row plays first, then the row above that. This happens by taking the right side column 1 pulse out, and dividing by 2 in the logic module. The /2 divider out is patched to the bi-directional router switch.

Nice one! I'm super-tempted by this panel.
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