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Setting up Silent Way Voice with Presonus Quantum
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Author Setting up Silent Way Voice with Presonus Quantum
I have a Presonus Quantum and I'm struggling to get the SW Voice AU to work with it in Ableton Live. Why is all the routing in SW Voice in stereo pairs? I have 8 independent DC coupled outs on the Quantum and I definitely want to use them independently.

I also cannot seem to get a calibration to run, even though I am routing correctly from an output to 1v/oct to a Pico VCO and the out directly back into Live.
I was able to get this to work using an ES-3 mk2 over ADAT. Using the outputs from the ES-3 will allow a calibration to run, but the direct line outs will not leading me to believe they are not in a DC coupled mode even though the manual explicitly supports it. Presonus own software does not have an area to change any modes on the output that I can find. Anyone else even have one of these interfaces?
So looks like Presonus Quantum simply does not work this way even though that is how it was specifically advertised.

Witch Butter Saturday at 14:08
There are 8 independent DC coupled line outs, and 2 dedicated master outs. In Ableton however the master outs are always routed to stereo out 1/2 which means that it sends the master out over the 1 and 2 mono outs. I need to somehow route the master outs so they have a channel which is not 1 or 2, so I can use all 8 dedicated line outs to control my Eurorack. Other vendors would have routing software to set this up, but it seems to be missing for Quantum. How do I do this?

Tech Support Yesterday at 07:05
Hi Witch,

Technically, there is no direct 1:1 I/O like you would find with other devices.
The outputs are discreet. There is an offset with the output channels seen in DAW software to physical output channels.

Outs 1/2 = Mains L/R
Outs 3 - 10 = Line outputs 1 - 8
Outs 11/12 = Headphone 1
Outs 13/14 = Headphone 2
Outs 15/16 = SPDIF out
Outs 17 - 32 = ADAT outs

I hope this helps. If I can be of further assistance, please let me know.

Witch Butter Yesterday at 10:27
This does help with one issue. Now why are the DC coupled outs not able to actually send a DC coupled signal? I tried for hours to get silent way to work over these outs and it just doesn't work. I notice the pitch drop on a 1v/Octave input on a eurorack VCO consistent with receiving an AC signal.

Technical Support Yesterday at 10:57
The signal sent will depend on the software, the cables you use and the device you are connecting to.

TS or TRS.

Typically, the device you are trying to control should have information regarding how to connect and how to control.

Witch Butter Yesterday at 11:15
Well if you look at the details of the ticket, the software I am using is Ableton Live. Nowhere in Ableton Live is there software control of the Quantum interface. I am using recommended cables from the silent way manual which work with another interface 3-5mm-ts-cable.html . Maybe you are not actually familiar with Eurorack but many module have no manual and when they do they typically do not have instructions on how to control them from a DAW or software. So again, how do I get this interface to send DC coupled signals out which is specifically advertised by Presonus? Or do I need to return this simply because it cannot do what it is advertised to do?

Tech Support Today at 07:57
Hi Witch,

Considering the complexity of modular synths and the Expert Sleepers Silent Way suite of plugins we can not provide any further assistance. DC Coupled are provided on the Quantum, how these are utilised, are at the discretion of each user. We would suggest reaching out to Expert Sleepers for support regarding their products -
I'm in contact with Presonus directly and I'm pretty sure this interface is DC coupled.

Forget calibration for now. Connect an output to a pitch CV input, and drive it from Silent Way DC. Can you control the pitch by wiggling the plug-in's Out knob?
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