What screws to use with Vector NT4 square nuts & T Rails

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What screws to use with Vector NT4 square nuts & T Rails

Post by Kolob » Fri Oct 10, 2008 10:29 am

Vector T rail users I need some more help. I can't seem to find the right screws to mount the faceplates to the Vector rail using the NT4 square nut.
Most recently I've tried the Vector SC4-27/25 BUT they are too short (won't engage the nut due to thickness of faceplate)
I also tried the Vector SC4-5 screw and it works a little better but still a little short and you can't buy them without buying the mounting bracket set.
Could someone please put me out of my misery and let me know what Vector screw or other you use to mount your Euro modules to the Vector rails/square nut. Thank you sooo much.

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Post by Chuck E. Jesus » Fri Oct 10, 2008 10:32 am

sorry i can't help directly, i just went to the hardware store and tried them...in fact i had to go back as the ones i bought at first were too long...

tbh i would go with threaded rails if i had to do it again, too much of a hassle to swap mods with the vector rails...

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Post by felix » Fri Oct 10, 2008 12:22 pm

4-40A screws. You should be able to find them almost everywhere, it's a very standard size.
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Post by rtopia » Sat Oct 11, 2008 6:42 pm

call this guy:

Advantage Fasteners
16442 Gothard St # L
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
(714) 848-3770

ask for Jeff

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