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ES6 Troubleshooting
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Author ES6 Troubleshooting
I believe my ES6 has stopped working but I'm not 100% sure yet. Running Windows 10, RME Fireface 802 with totalmix software, cubase 9. Both ES3 and ES6 are the newest versions (led jacks etc).

So for weeks my ES3 combo has worked perfectly, with the new RME interface, with cubase, etc. Today, I can't get signal from the ES6 anymore. I see the light on the ES6 when I plug a VCO into it indicating that it's receiving the signal, but whether it be in RME's totalmix software or cubase, I cannot hear it. I have tried every configuration to make sure the routing is correct, and if I run the signal straight into my interfaces mic pre's and monitor that way you can hear it. Also, the ES3 is receiving audio and signal when I route it there from cubase. So the adat connection isn't completely messed up.

The 2 problems could be
1. There's some sort of input option that I accidentally activated and cannot find, although I have looked thoroughly (and if I bypass totalmix's monitoring functions and go straight to Cubase i still dont get anything)
2. The ADAT IN specifically of the RME 802 is broken.
3. The ES6 is broken.

Any ideas?
Delta T
Could be a bad or partially unplugged optical cable from the ES6. Try swapping with the ES3

Also go thru Totalmix with a fine tooth comb. I love my RME interface but Totalmix has caused issues for me many times. Not that its bad, but because there is so much going on there its easy to accidently make a change and not realize it.
Check cables for a start.

Also take a cable and plug it from the RME output to the RME input. That will test a) the cable and b) the RME input, without the ES-3 or ES-6 in the picture at all.
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