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ES-8 pitch tracking issue with Reaktor Blocks
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Author ES-8 pitch tracking issue with Reaktor Blocks
Hey guys!

Loving the ES-8, but had a problem today that I hope some might help me figure out smile

When sending 1v/oct to Reaktor Blocks it's like there is a small voltage drop in the pitch. It's dropping approximately a semitone per octave - I don't know if the module is not able to do this, needs calibration or if it's software related.

Im feeding in four 1v/oct pitch informations to all four inputs on the ES-8 at the same time, feeding pitch input on 4 oscillators in Reaktor 6 Blocks. Then sending all four out through same output and recording into Logic, where I analyzed the pitch with melodyne - I've attached pictures to show the pitch tracking and my reaktor setup.

The exact same setup works, when using Dixie II's. I've been searching for what the problem could be, but can't figure it out. seriously, i just don't get it

Does anyone know what might be the problem here?

(the pictures is in reverse order, start from the buttom and up)
no ideas? would love to be able to use reaktor 6 as more oscillators in my patches hyper
The ES-8 inputs and outputs are not hardware calibrated. You can't expect to feed a CV in and have it come out unchanged unless you've taken steps to calibrate that in software.
thank you for the response!
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