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Line6 Helix experiences?
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Author Line6 Helix experiences?
Anyone use a Helix (Im particularly interested in the LT, but Helix in general would be good info too)?

Im fairly content using a Zoom G5 & Revalver for recording so I was just considering a H9 Max as being the last jigsaw piece and spotted some reviews of the Helix LT for around the same price.

The advantages would be using it for recording seems very flexible, using it live (and having my mate bass player going thru the Helix with his own settings), having patches for each tune, and carrying some frfr monitors instead of heavy amps (back is getting bad).

Live is backing drums/spot fx - playing guitar & bass over it.

Im NOT a hi-gain player mostly clean or 'just' breaking up bluesy at most.
Have a Flextone III XL, Variax 700 so Im good with the Line6 sound (well its the lack of hum and buzz that does it for me!).

Any users? Good? Bad? Just get the H9 (which of course can be used with synths too).

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