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Piston Honda Mk2 tracking - help an idiot out :)
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Author Piston Honda Mk2 tracking - help an idiot out :)
Hey wigglers!

Hoping someone can help me out of this fix i've got myself in!

I want to use my Mother 32's V/Oct output to control multiple oscillators using a (buffered mult) in my system, and I understand that for this to be accurate for the PH, the signal needs to be offset from it's original voltage to another value (-5/+5 to 0-5?).

I've tried doing this using maths, but I can't for the life of me work out the correct way to patch it despite re-reading the manual and patch book several times. I've also got a disting mk2, which from what I understand, can use the 'precision c.v. adder' to achieve a similar result?

Any tips for patching this the correct way? I've tried using channels 2/3 on the maths to offset but it just turns things ridiculously high pitched.

I feel like my brainpower has been negatively offset trying to work this one out. Dead Banana

Thanks all smile
Praise brodin, I got it working somehow It's peanut butter jelly time!

For those of you struggling like me, here's exactly how I got it working...

M32 kb out > Buffered Mult (optional) > Maths Channel 1 input > Sum out to PH 1v/Oct In

Maths Attenuverter 1 - Full CW
Maths Attenuverter 2 - 11 o clock
Maths Attenuverter 3 - Full CW
Maths Attenuverter 4 - 8 o clock

Cycle off both 1/4
Rise Fall to zero. Et voila.
Infinity Curve
Never mind, I posted something, but now I'm second guessing myself and I do t have a maths at hand. You should only have to use channel 2 and 3 to accomplish what you're doing.
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