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MFOS Quad Timbre Bank Euro build
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Author MFOS Quad Timbre Bank Euro build
My summer project is complete!!!

After seeing almost NO videos or documentation out there other than Ray Wilson's original youtube post, I decided to build one of these. It is currently in a radioshack box, but I laid out the panel to fit in my eurorack. 5000hp. SlayerBadger!
I call it the PolyMFOS Resonator, after Ray wrote something like "This thing sounds like a polymoog resonator, and I'm pleased as punch about that!"
By far the most difficult build I have ever experienced, especially challenging panel wiring.

There's a couple things you must know if you build one, such as the silk screen has a couple backwards voltage regulators. Call me before you punch the wall.

/Etienne Rithers screaming goo yo
great build! can we please reference the youtube video on the website? Ray would have loved to see this!
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