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FH-1 "Noise" on Channel Pressure
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Author FH-1 "Noise" on Channel Pressure
Am using my FH-1 and Expanders with a Linnstrument. Am finding that the output of the Channel Pressure when using it to open a VCA (Intellijel Quad) is very noisey, making it sound like there are crackling/ distorted sounds.

I wonder whether it might be clipping, but not that. It the 10v is too much so tried 5V, not that. Tried using a different expanded, not that. Also tried moving it in my case, away From PSU. Not that either.

Have tried different VCAs as well.

Then only thing that I have found that gets rid of it is putting the CV through my AJH Synths Glide module, which I guess is just creating a new voltage source. Does sound beautiful when I do this.

The FH-1 is configured to convert MIDI channels 1-8, with CV, Gate, Mod wheel and Channel Pressure.

Any ideas?
OK, so have done some more investigation, including pulling out the oscilloscope. What I am seeing is a sine wave on each of my outs when nothing is plugged in.

Am guessing this is the internal LFO running. How do I turn it off and keep it off?

All I want this thing for is to act as a simple set up to use as a 8 voice polyphonic CV out for the Linnstrument

FH1 outs 1-8 = MIDI Channels 1-8 Pitch CV
FH1X #1 outs 1-8 = MIDI Channels 1-8 Note on/off
FH1X #2 outs 1-8 = MIDI Channels 1-8 Mod Wheel
FH1x #3 outs 1-8 = MIDI Channels 1-8 Channel Pressure
FH1X #4 outs 1-8 = MIDI Channels 1-8 Velocity

I thought I had set it up this way using the configuration script, but its clear there are other things running on each of the outs still.

How do I turn those things off???

This module is over engineered. There should be a simple way of scripting it and turning things on/ off.
Channel Pressure will likely need some smoothing. The FH-1 will do this for you if you turn it on.

LFOs are off by default. I imagine you must have turned one on accidentally.

Are you using a config script? If so, can you post it?
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