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es3+es6 on mac, ableton, rme - output channels in reverse
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Author es3+es6 on mac, ableton, rme - output channels in reverse

So - had this setup on my pc, worked fine.

Now, on a mac, installed ableton, tried to look at the settings from the pc, and set it up accordingly.

On pc 5/6 out was = 5 = pitch and 6 = env.

However, on the mac, using 5/6 as stereo ext out, results in port 2 on es-3 being the pitch, and port 4 (!) being the env - or atleast, i think its the env - it lights up red when i press the keys, and lets sound through.

Any clue what this might be about ?
Should maybe mention im using a rme babyface; I moved the soundcard to the mac, installed the drivers, and tried to copy settings best as i could.

Also - it seems now that port 2 = pitch, and port 4 on the es-3, = velocity/env - to the extent, that i can play on the keyboard and sound will come. If i unplug the env/velo cable from the vca, it makes constant sound, if i plug it in, it stops - if i push a key on the keyboard, i hear sound.

but, im unable to actually modify the envelope in the sw controller plugin; just seems to not work.
ok so an update here, allthough noone is answering smile

I replugged my card, and reset totalmix completely, and now it seems to be working correctly. VERY strange, can only assume it has something to do with going from a pc to a mac, and the card got confused somehow.

Anyways, still not working with the env stuff; I can open/close when i play, but its like a hard gate. No matter what i set it to, it simply wont allow me to do any kind of attack/decay that is noticeable - and that seems wrong.

Anyone care to chime in?
And now.. this sorted itself out too. Somethings wrong with my damn mac.

So - for those that dont know; it works as intended - if i go to outputs page of the sw voice controller plugin, i then have to set the second row, env to 1.00 and i can now modulate env as i wanted.

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