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Wanting to ditch moogerfooger for Eurorack
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Author Wanting to ditch moogerfooger for Eurorack
Long post alert:
TL/DR- guitarist wants tips on replacing moogerfooger rig with eurorack. Photos of my current rig and soundcloud link are provided for reference.

I am an electric guitarist and have been playing though a system of moogerfooger pedals for 10 years. I am now looking to replace it with a Eurorack system and hope that you might be able to provide some suggestions on modules and racks.

Overall, I am very happy with the sound of my Moogerfooger setup. I am interested in replacing it with a Eurorack system largely to reduce the weight/ size of my gear and to make traveling easier and secure. Therefore, my hope would be to preserve/ reproduce nearly all of the synthesis/ processing functions of my current setup.

Therefore I am hoping that some of you might be able to recommend modules that would:
a) help boost my guitar signal to a eurorack level and then be suitable for returning to my guitar amp. I want to still be able to get a good "clean" tone into my amp at the end of the day, and mix in heavily processed sounds as needed.
b) allow me to reproduce the functions of my Moog pedals
c) a rack which is secure for travel and conducive to being placed about 14" off the ground in order to be comfortably played while seated and holding a guitar.

My current set up consists of the following:

-Moog MF-101 low pass filter
-Moog MF-102 Ring Modulator
-Moog MF 104m Analog Delay
-Moog CP-251 Control Processor
- (5) Moog EP-3 expression pedals
- Korg SQ-1 Step Sequencer
- Dunlop DVP3 Volume (X) Volume and Expression Pedal

- Gibson 1965 ES-125 archtop electric guitar
- Mesa Boogie 50 caliber amp

A few things to know that I very much like about this rig and want to preserve in my future eurorack system
- I can still get a strong clean electric guitar sound by bypassing or rolling back the mix on these pedals. I favor a dark (i.e jazz-ish) tone overall.
- I like using expression pedals in order to have the ability for foot control while keeping both hands on the guitar. The Moogs are good at allowing for front panel control via expression pedal input. I would hope to find Eurorack modules that allow for the same.
- I do find the sound of this system to be generally favorable

A few additional things I do not like about my current setup and would hope could be corrected in my eurorack build
- the pedals are noisy. I play a vintage Gibson guitar with P-90 pickups that are already very noisy. I would prefer that my synth build not add further to that.
- my step sequencer is pretty basic and I would like to upgrade to one with greater functionality
- it would be nice to have some options for gain control and signal compression integrated into the system

If any of you all have recommendations for how / which modules integrate guitar into Euro-rack world, which modules (or combinations of modules) would allow me to replicate the signal flows I have come to like using on my Moog setup, or other thoughts on how this build might proceed please let me know.

I'm using it musically for stuff like this: s

Thanks in advance-
I've owned moogerfoogers, and came into this thread ready to suggest completely the opposite of what I'm about to say... but after reading your situation, I'd stick with the 'foogers. I would get (1) a gator case probably 12u, then get (2) the moogerfooger rack kit, and (3) the 3u for the cp-251 sized units, and I'm sure you could put the

You could of course go Euro, but you're going to be in for way more money than any of these advancements I'm suggesting. Just the case and the amp/attenuators to go up to and back down from Euro could be $600, easy. There aren't a ton of tap tempo BBD euro delays. You'd have to be very careful of your levels going back into an amp like that, by no means insurmountable but I like avoiding situations where a friend could turn something on and break my amp.

There's tons of reasons to go modular, but I don't think this is one of them.

edit, come to think of it, get a little larger rack, with a drawer, and you an put your expression pedals in there for storage and transport!

edit2 let's see this Gibson as well! Florentine cut or the almost acoustic style? Trapeze?
I would probably agreee. Maybe get an MP-201 to replace the rocker pedals and CP-251.

But if you really want to go Euro...There's not a single tap tempo BBD delay that I know of in Euro. Otherwise: Pittsburgh Analog Delay, Studio Electronics ladder filter, Doepfer ring mod, intellijel Quad VCA, whatever LFOs float your boat.
Thanks for following up guys. I've posted a similar post on the EuroRack forum and at the end of the day seem to be getting similar suggestions:

That is, while the thing is certainly do-able, it would a) result in a rather large Euro Rack build b) perhaps not sound as good c) be expensive.

gentle_attack - I really think you might be on point with the racking suggestion. Much appreciated. I've long known about the rack mounter that moog sells, but for some reason thought that it was less than ideal.
Your suggestion made me dig deeper and I do think that perhaps a case like
could be totally on point. I'll need to do some measuring to make sure I can get a power supply in there easily however easily.

GuyaGuy - I dig the MP-201 but am just now realizing how it could replace much of the functionality of the CP-251. Until reading the manual, I did not know that it had LFO's. It looks like I would mainly loose the functionality of the cv mixer and the 4 way multiple of the CP-251, while gaining a great deal in programability. The MP-201 are of course selling for way more than they did even a few years back, so I should have figured that there was a good deal of functionality in it.

At the end of the day I really just want to feel like I can travel secure with the rig. Eurorack might just involve too much money, while still being big and heavy in order to fit all the modules I would need to deal with expression pedals, level matching, etc. . My hope was that I could fit it all into a Eurocase small enough to fit in an airplane overhead.

As for my 1965 Gibson, I've added a pic. You will notice that I've removed the pick guard (I play largley with fingers) and have replaced the wood bridge with a tuneomatic. This both brightens the sound for me (since I play flatwound strings and use my fingers instead of a pick), improves sustain, and allows for the guitar to have solid intonation. I'd highly recommend this mod to anyone looking at putting a guitar like this to use. (I've had it since 2003 and really do think that it remains a solid player). They are still pretty affordable as well.

Thanks again, and looking forward to any other suggestions you might have.

Another thing that might give you a more compact setup is the Mission Engineering Expressionator. 3 channels of EXP/CV out controlled by one pedal. All 3 channels can respond to the sweep, or just specified ones (if I recall correctly). Plus you can change the sweep range per output, invert per output, and it has a few other settings for sweeping (linear, log, etc.) It works with Moogerfoogers as a CV source (dip switches inside to set this up). Works great!

I had that same model Gibson when I was in college, bought t for $150 with OEM case (case was falling apart) in the late 80s, sold it few years later for $500. Now I wish I had kept it, it was a fun guitar to play, but the hollowbody nature fed back too much for my playing back then. Every time I see one now for sale, it's more than I want to spend on my college nostalgia. Sweet guitar, I bet a piezo added to the bridge would sound great and give a great acoustic sound too.

I thought that bridge looked different than mine, I think mine was a simple wooden bridge.
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