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Doom / Drone metal practice amp
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Author Doom / Drone metal practice amp
Rod Serling Fan Club
I'm getting back into playing guitar after not playing for years. I'm wanting to explore slower, doomy and drone metal style. I realize that this genre is all about playing loud and I do intend to have get a big amp and cab (leaning towards a V4 and maybe Marshall 4x12 cab). But I can't always play at full volume. So I'm wondering what people would recommend for a good practice amp that is reasonable for this style. Maybe a orange micro terror? What do you all think?
Just me
I will ALWAYS recommend a Peavey Bandit red stripe as a goto practice amp.
The boss katana series is getting rave reviews these days. I have a fender mustang gt40 which gets much worse reviews, but for the size and price is hard to beat - it's got tons of low end, and a whole bunch of overdrive/fuzz type options I haven't even explored much.
Another vote for the Boss Katana here. I think they have really added something to amp modelling with these. I have the basic 50w and it sounds great. There is now a "Mini" that seems to be pretty good. Lots of YouTube demo videos on these. They can defiantly do the heavy sounds.
You need to stack about 100 15W amps against a wall for a proper doom practice sesh.

all guitars on this album are recorded with a fender hot rod deluxe 40w tube amp and a TC bassamp with 20" speaker in a little room. we used the clean channel on fender and drive it with a rat/muff combination. we recorded the guitar amp via dynamic and the bass amp with condensator microphon. the amps was not really loud for recording.
I unironically really love the 15 watt Fenders with the built in overdrive. You'll know why when you play one, the guy from Rusted Shut would play one mic'd into a PA system, that's how he got his insane tone.
smetak guitar-and-bass-rig-gear
Rod Serling Fan Club
I appreciate the ideas. I'm half thinking just getting a capable head and a 2x12 or 4x12 and sometimes just playing at less volume. I've just heard that tone can suffer doing this. I've come across some low wattage Sunn Model T clones but they are pricey. Still, might be what I need. I'm more of a bedroom noise-maker anyway.

Just looking for great Doom, drone, stoner tone that I don't have to sacrifice my hearing for. A tall order, I know.
get a bass combo amp, go try some out and find one that doesnt have a veiled high range
If you can find one, Red Bear amps are right in this wheelhouse. Every knob has a "way too much!" level, so it's easy to dial in good tones at low volumes. They're essentially JCM800s hotrodded.
Red Bears are getting expensive, though -- the SovTek treatment.

To be honest I think any classically voiced head (preferably with tubes) will be worthwhile with a decent 2x12 or 4x12, doom stuff is mostly about feeling the riffs enough that you don't realize you're just doing Sabbath slowly. lol
Rod Serling Fan Club
I picked up an old 2x12 fender cab with newer Eminence speakers that can be attunated. I'm just gonna get a decent head and try the speaker attenuation to turn down the volume a bit but drive the head reasonably loud.
My solution is: Orange OR50 -> Weber Attenuator -> Orange 4x12. You can get the power tubes riled up this way, but it doesn't sound right unless the speakers are driven hard.
For the drone/noise band I play in I use an Orange Bass Terror through an SWR 8x8. Even turned down low it sounds great.
Try out some demo versions of amp sims, if you would consider using the computer. You might find something good enough w/o shaking the house and the cops having a visit. Rockin' Banana!

I prefer amps and pedals, but NI Guitar rig wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I also use a Keeley GC-2 compressor/limiter to prevent clipping and Empress EQ/boost into the audio interface to taste (my gretsch needs a boost).
If you're interested in the smaller side of practice amps the Roland Micro Cube is amazing - great clean signal that you can build on, though I'll warn that most of the built-in effects are meh. Great for keeping next to the couch to jam, anyway.
"I can practice really loud just not quad box loud": low watt tube amp, either combo or head w single speaker cab, old-school basic style (no reverb, simple settings). 10' speaker. Some studio guys swear by this, the sound of a small can/speaker being abused can sound huge. But this is still in damn loud territory

"I need to practice no louder than a vacuum cleaner': any clean and tonally balanced solid state amp, using pedals including eq to get your sound. Roland Micro Cube was a good suggestion. I have a cheap Roland Cube 80XL, the Black Panel amp style with all other fx turned off works for me. Just raise the amp up to head height and let your pedals find your tone.

Alternatively, skip the amp! Good DI (radial or Palmer) at end of pedal signal chain, into your mixing desk/ interface, played through your monitors. I find cab simulation not worth the effort for doom, use stacked delay and reverb instead

"I need to be really quiet and not wake up X": good quality and comfortable headphones (I like beyerdynamic dt770 250ohm). Unfortunately most headphone amps inbuilt into combo amps suck. Consider the DI solution above. I use a rack ampeg preamp into my mixer, which I'll never part with. If it dies...
Hilbish Design do the 'buy well buy once' solution but big money. You own that, you can go a power amp into PA gear when live (original and highly customisable rig idea). I only know one local doom band that do that. They a 2 piece drums guitar. Guitarist splits signal to 3 seperate amps, 2 of the 3 crossed over around 120hz so highs to a guitar quad, lows to an 18" sub. Just PUNISHES, not in the so loud it hurts way but it's so FULL sounding. As audience member you really sync up with the riff Rockin' Banana!
+1 on these solutions:

1) Capable DI/Preamp into mixer and monitors/subwoofer: EBS MicroBass II is not cheap but phenomenal for this, comes with parametric EQ, compression, fx loop, good tube simulation and many other extras. I got mine used for a decent price.

2) "Abusing" a small practice amp: I've been using the Roland Microcube too. I find it's actually great just for this and it's cheap. There's a sweet spot right before it clips out.

Also, the DOD Meatbox if you have a subwoofer or bass amp.

my two cents.
my best is a vintage Traynor, very cheap and very loud...

Dead Banana
Gregg Sistero
Rod Serling Fan Club wrote:
I picked up an old 2x12 fender cab with newer Eminence speakers that can be attunated. I'm just gonna get a decent head and try the speaker attenuation to turn down the volume more but drive the head reasonably loud.

Sounds great! This is exactly what I need.
controlFreak wrote:
You need to stack about 100 15W amps against a wall for a proper doom practice sesh.

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