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Bargain panels from Blacet
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Author Bargain panels from Blacet
Mr. Blacet is selling 1.5" wide pre-drilled Frac panels under "Bargain Basement" on his web site. The panels have a nice brushed black finish on both sides (no lettering and these are not painted over orphan panels). Each panel has five centered holes and a larger offset hole, along with Frac mounting holes and a small hole for an LED or a screw.

At $2 each, they can jump start your Frac DIY projects. Great for multiples, bias supplies, PT2399 delay, CGS projects, 1/8" to 1/4" to RCA to banana patch panel, or input/output panels.

John says "There may be some faint spots on the surface as a result of silkscreen removal. These are water soluble and can easily be removed with some comet cleanser and a no scratch kitchen sponge." He has about 60 of these to sell.
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