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disting mk4 issues
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Author disting mk4 issues
I'm not sure if my disting mk4 is busted or not.

With my SD card in, it seems very laggy, like the CPU can't keep up. scrolling algorithms is slow, and if I use a non-SD algorithm like clocked LFO, it misses most of the incoming clock pulses. I also have a disting mk3, and it's functioning nearly flawlessly, so I know what to expect

If I remove the SD card it works less laggy, but I've got a separate issue, which is that I can't change algorithm parameters by pressing Z. The manual states

> Parameters are adjusted via the S knob. When changed, the parameter value is displayed for a couple of seconds.
> If an algorithm has more than one parameter, pressing the Z knob cycles through them. The current parameter number is displayed briefly followed by its name.

Neither of those things happen for me. When I leave Z alone and turn S, sometimes I see like for a split second the screen shows the new value for the parameter, but it seems to immediately goes back to showing the Z value.

When I press the Z button, the parameter number does not display briefly.

It almost seems like my S or Z knob is providing noise on the signal, and the disting is constantly seeing it as a new value, and not letting any of the other functions take control of the screen.

I'm on firmware 4.1 so ill try updating
Today I just let it sit with no inputs, on quantized mode, and every couple seconds the screen would change to read back what scale it is now set to.

im thinking one of the inputs is kinda hosed. No rush, afaik os is on vacation, we can take it up whenever he's back smile
I recall at least one person who had a similar issue, which turned out to be the pot or encoder contacts shorting against some metal in their case.
I'm pretty sure it's either that my power supply is nearing it's limits, or my flying busboards are noisy.

If I unplug half my rack, it's works properly. I need to try this for a longer period though, because sometimes it seems to work properly for the first 5-10 minutes after a cold start of the modular and then goes bad.

I also noticed my DPO was struggling to hold pitch, so I rebalanced my power across my 2 power distributors in my case. I put the DPO on it's own flying busboard and it is now okay. I put the disting on that same busboard and it's not ok.

Anyways, pretty sure it's not ES, it's me at this point smile cheers
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