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Is Testpath Dead?
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Author Is Testpath Dead?
Hey everyone,

I ordered a bunch of It's peanut butter jelly time! from testpath back on July 25th. The order was supposed to arrive in 5 days, but it still says "submitted" on the site. I've called and emailed them repeatedly, but have gotten no response. At one point, their site was down with a 404 error, but it is now back up. Anyone else having problems?

I would suggest no one order anything from Testpath until this is resolved. My account was charged, and I don't know how to get a refund:/
I placed an order on august 8th and haven't heard anything yet. A lot of the cables were backordered except for one of them so I just assumed they were waiting on them, I've had to wait before then would get ship notifications weeks later but usually they would send in stock stuff first.

no idea
You could always contact your bank or credit card issuer do do a chargeback.

The website only works with the www. prefix which is very 1990s

Mouser prices are about the same FWIW.
for what its worth, i buy my pomona banana's at mouser.

I had a problem with cables on back order back in march. I had ordered cables and they were back ordered when I called asked what was delay. They answered quickly and were helpful resolving the issue. They ended up giving me long cables for the same price just to get it out the door. I have had past situations with test path with stuff being back ordered and they always come through eventually. That being said I will probably start ordering from mouser because the prices are very close and you can see availability on the website. It's peanut butter jelly time!
I have used Newark Electronics in the USA since the early 90's for ITT Pomona banana cables. Some colors/lengths are not stock, but they get them from ITT in a week or ten days.
Give em a call, the guys who runs it is really nice. He lived down the block from where I used to live. I dropped by the shop a few times to pick up bananas, he was always confused why people were buying banana cables, so I showed him serge/etc.
It was certainly dead last time I tried it. See my comments.
I called them, filled in their online form, and emailed them. After not hearing back for a bit, I tried again. I've tried contacting them through all those avenues several time and have never heard back.

If anyone has any luck, let me know! I'm off to mouser It's peanut butter jelly time!
They never charged me so I forgot about it but months later I just got this email, looks like they are done.

Thanks! Now, I can stop bugging them for my backorder.
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