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Moon M505 repair help or suggestions/advice
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Author Moon M505 repair help or suggestions/advice
Long story short I bought an M505 from Nik over at Noisebug earlier this month. When it arrived I noticed that the regeneration pot would not turn. I turned the module over to find that the circuit board inside the pot was broken. It appears that the module might have gotten squished a bit at the big proprietary power connector near the regen pot. Since the pots are hard soldered to the main board I assume the pots circuit board took the brunt of the force.

Sent it back to Nik who sent me another M505...EXACTLY the same problem. No sign whatsoever of damage to either the moon box or the external packing Nik sent.

Nik is out of stock and would like to send both modules back to Gert. However, I am tempted to power the module up to test all the functions aside from the Regen. If it works properly, a pot replacement should be an easy fix. Has anybody got any thoughts on this matter? Also is Gert active here on Muffs for a little technical advice?

I am frustrated and I know Nik is as well...I am just trying to find a way to have a working M505 with the least amount of hassle for everyone!
Dave, I don't know what you should do (different strokes, etc.), but if it was me, I would not try to keep and repair it. That might satisfy an immediate desire to play with it and have fun, but (at least for me), I'd rather deal with a wait, and end up with a unit that I know had never had an issue - better long term satisfaction. Again, just my $.02.
I'm with you Squat....I spoke with Nik and tested the module out under power. Everything works as intended including the Regen via all it needs is a pot replacement. But I can't ask Nik to discount it or reimburse me for the repair...and what if something more is wrong with it that I haven't stumbled across.

It is packed up and ready to send back...yet again!

On a side note, Nik at Noisebug has been very active in this process and despite my "bad" attitude in the last email I sent him, he responded promptly by phone. It would be easy to bash folks in this scenario, but I can't, Moon makes a fine product endorsed by lots of wigglers. Noisebug has a good reputation here at Muffs, so I think this is just an isolated incident.

During the start of the return process, Nik thanked me for my patience...Now I thank him for his patience!
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