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Ableton M4L Beap Question
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Author Ableton M4L Beap Question
i´m trying right now to get midi controller data (CC) into Beap.
I have some clips containing various CC controller values. They are playing back fine, but i need to get them into beap.
I tried to open first the midi in bap module, but there i can not select just the track... (from there i go into the midi to signal modul)
i also use the "manual midi mapper", where my CC is routed to, but even when i take this its not working.

anyone can describe how i get these midi CC tracks into Beap?

You can just use the midiin object of max. Together with midiparse it's easy to get the cc parameters that are being sent into the max for live device and then it's a matter of filtering out the ccs you care about (e.g. route), scaling them (scale object) to useful values and converting them to signals (sig~ object) to use with beap.
thanks a lot for your answer... its very helpfull but reveals my main problem, i don´t know nothing about max.
I wanted to use beap cause that the normal environment where i´m confident with. too many things i ableton i find way too limiting. with beap i was hoping to get around that..

that said, i always wanted to learn max (to use M4L basically).. is there an online tutorial you would recommend?
The whole max documentation is great and comes with many tutorials. The tutorial series starts with a tutorial on midi that will be useful for you. There are also integrated help pages for every device in max that have examples of how to use that particular device. As soon as you have a basic notion of which device will be needed for what you're trying to do (which is of course one of the main problems for a complete beginner), it's often easiest to figure out how to actually use it simply by opening the integrated help patch and looking at how it is used there.

If you're looking for a comprehensive course and don't mind watching videos, I can highly recommend the (free) course on Kadenze. Very well structured and it pays particular attention to the weirder particularities of max that may throw you off (such as the order in which the object graph is evaluated and thus events are processed - spoiler: it's depth first and from right to left).

And if you have any specific questions, feel free to pm me at any point. I'm always happy to help with max programming. thumbs up
thanks a lot! this video tutorial looks like its exactly what i need:-)
Give a man a Max Patch, he'll be busy for a day.

Show a man the Max tutorials, and he'll be busy for months.

I think I use ctlin as a way to get CC into Max, then convert 0-127 to 0.0 to 1.0 using scale, and then its a hop skip and a jump into BEAP.
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