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Buchla 360 Programmable Octal Signal Source
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Author Buchla 360 Programmable Octal Signal Source
Sitting here messing 2night with the make noise teleharmonic out h and apparently it's based on the 360 Programmable Octal Signal Source.

What the hell was the 360 octal source ? What did it sound like ? And does anyone actually have one out in the wild?

This is about all the info I can find ATM

a 8 Voice Digital Synthesizer with 3 oscillators and a dedicated Buchla Lowpass/Gate per voice.

rick posted some info once upon a time: 1845

but both his photo and the audio track have gone.
Thanks for the link, I did see that one after a muffs search earlier and doesn't seem to be more than the one muffs page on the 300.

I gather there had never been a clone attempt of this osc?
I remembered a MatrixSynth post from a while back that had a clear photo. It's described there as the "octal signal paperweight" which could mean that it never worked properly or advanced beyond the prototype stage. Interesting concept though. Can't quite work out the functionality.

Thanks for posting that. Looks like a utopian fail project for a Buchla builder.
Teleharmonic is pretty nuts and lush though
it's quite a puzzling panel smile

it seems that there were working units
Why does the number indicate a 300 series module?
misa wrote:
Why does the number indicate a 300 series module?

I believe it IS part of the 300 series.
It looks like the one Jono ended up with - I saw it and it is basically just the faceplate with jacks and pots but nothing connected. Hence a nice "paperweight".
Not sure if Jono has tracked down a circuit or PCB to restore it with..?
His post on it is here:
Buchla 360
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