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My AM8060 has resonance when the knob is at zero [Resolved]
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Author My AM8060 has resonance when the knob is at zero [Resolved]
My AM8060 (purchased direct from AMSynths a year or so back) has always had a good bit of resonance, even with the resonance knob at minimum. Its "zero" resonance is equivalent to my Ripples' 11:00 resonance.

My AM8060's resonance is strong enough to cause clipping even at 10:30.

Is this normal, or does my AM8060 need calibration/repair?

Here's a video showing the effect on the O'Tool's spectrum analyzer:

Top: Ripples
Bottom: AM8060

Saw wave is from A-111-1. VCF frequency is being swept slowly by a Make Noise Function. Both filters direct into O'Tool.
OK, looking at the project notes on the AMSynths site, I see there is supposed to be a trimpot to adjust the resonance range. I'll pull my AM8060 out and see if it helps to adjust that.
Yep, just needed to adjust the trimpot to full CCW. Still seems to have a tad more res than Ripples, but it's close now.
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