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Disting Mk3 A and B non-functional
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Author Disting Mk3 A and B non-functional
My Disting Mk3 worked perfectly for months, until yesterday when the A and B outputs would intermittently stop working. I turned the rack off and on again, and now those outputs do not work at all. No sounds/CV comes out, and no lights light up. I double checked that I was in the right bank and algorithm, and everything there is as it should be (proper number of parameters for each algorithm, knob recording when there should be, etc). This was on firmware 3.7. I updated today to 3.10, and although all the new algorithms are there, A and B still don't work. As before, both knobs and X and Y work as expected, and any CV input lights up the jacks accordingly. Is there something wrong with the hardware then?

Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks!
It does sound like a hardware issue. Email me your purchase details and we'll figure out the best way forward.
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