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newb ES-3/ES-6 questions
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Author newb ES-3/ES-6 questions
Hello everybody. I have a question not quite related to this specific topic, but due to limitations for newbies, i cant open at this moment a new topic.
I'd like to connect my eurorack to the interface (REM baby face pro) via light pipe cables in order to be able to control the rack AND record multi channels in my DAW (cubase pro) . I have reached the conclusion that for these tasks I need the ES-3 and ES-6 modules, but i'm not quite sure if I have understood correctly, and how many input and output channels i'll have with this two modules. Also do I need the software to link the modules to my DAW ?
It is not clear to me if I can record multiple audio channels with this setup.
Thank you for he help
I'll split this to a new topic.
ES-3 & ES-6 will be fine for this. You'll have 8 outputs and 6 inputs. Add an ES-7 for another 2 inputs.

You don't need software.

You can record multiple channels of audio.
Thank you os for the fast and clear reply.
Exellent, I'll surely get those three
I just added ES-7.
It really helps. Now I am thinking ES-5... very frustrating
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