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FH-1 Self repair question
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Author FH-1 Self repair question
I've got an FH-1 that's blown (don't ask). The main chip is a PIC32MX??0F256D but the burn mark is through the rest of the part number.

What is the full part number for this thing so I can get one on Mouser and hot air rework the board?

Also, I assume the firmware files available on the expert sleepers site don't include the bootloader...

Where can I complete hex file I can flash using my PICkit 3?

It doesn't look like anything else is blown but we'll see once I swap the main MCU.

It's a PIC32MX270F256D-50I/PT

Bootloader is here:
Awesome! Thank you for the help!

I just placed an order for a replacement. Hopefully the DAC chips aren't also in trouble :sigh:
Well, I swapped the burnt chip, flashed the firmware, and it boots okay... but then it can't seem to find the USB stick I've got the image.hex firmware on.

H/8 flash alternately and that's about it.

I've tried two different USB sticks, both FAT16 and FAT32, with default block sizes, and ensuring no boot or other flags were set.

There's connectivity from pins 8 and 9 through to the USB ports D+ and D- respectively.
VBUS is at 5 volts.
Vusb3v3 is at around 3.2v (basically Vdd where it should be).

Any hints on other things to check or other parts that may need to get replaced would be helpful!

Also, if you've got a part number for the encoder, it could use replacing as well It got a little toasted as well and the encoder doesn't spin quite right any more :(
What on earth did you do to this poor module?!

The encoder is something I buy direct from the manufacturer in bulk, so I can't really give you a Mouser part number or anything. I can sell you a spare encoder though.

What size is the memory stick? If it's above 32GB you might need to partition it.
Ugh. I "sold" it to a guy on craigslist; I just don't use my eurorack enough these days. sad banana

He said it wasn't working. I took it back because I'm too nice. The chip was fried. That's about all I know. I would guess they plugged it in wrong but I can't be sure. Dead Banana

Now it's just a matter of getting it working. At this point, I don't think I'll be selling it. If I repair something, it usually stays with me.

The encoder got a little warm during the rework; my heat shield didn't work as well as it should have. I would love to purchase a couple from you! How would I go about that?

The memory sticks I've tried have both been 2GB sticks but I also tried another partitioned 8GB stick as well.

What is IC2? That's the only thing on that side of the board that I don't understand.

I'll drag out my logic probe and scope later and see if I can at least see the differential voltages... But I feel like it's an enumeration issue so I'm not sure how useful that'll be. If nothing else, I'll write a small firmware for it to test the USB enumeration from the chip side of things...

Thank you for the help! And I apologize for the bother!
IC2 is an ESD protection device.

Email me about the encoders.

So, it looks like that ESD protection device shorted out in whatever the guy did to this poor thing! It was allowing current in the wrong direction.

Removing it allowed the USB device to enumerate and flash the firmware correctly!

Now to pick up a replacement for that ESD protection chip and it should be back in business!

As far as I can tell, that things a TPD2E001 in a DRL package. Mouser seems to have it as TPD2E001DRLR so I'll see if that fits on the board.

Thanks for the help!
Yes, that's the badger.
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