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Music Easel + Drums Album
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Author Music Easel + Drums Album
My good friend and local wiggler richiedrums just released an album featuring his music easel along with drums!

Some really great sounds and awesome playing on this record! Really love the production on the drum sounds.

Give it a listen!

Dono-Kun Dance rums
Sweet - especially Zappa Insect Circus smile
I did enjoy this nanners The octobans were a nice touch, and also just the very idea of the Easel/drums combo. Any midi to the Easel used?
we're not worthy Wow. indescribably good applause
THANX!!!!! Mr. Green

No MIDI used.
Also no sync, I wanted things to fly around free.

"Zappa Insect Circus" uses the envelope follower.
3 Tracks of Easel:
Bass drum direct out triggering the bass line.
Snare direct out triggering the longer synth sound.
Then the entire drum kit is triggering the short sound.
Each recorded separately & mixed with different delays.
Just bought this album. It is absolutely wonderful! beer!

Very unique use of the Easel, away from the usual slow drones, which are beautiful as well, but sometimes I prefer a punch in the face.

Would love to hear more about the process of creating the other tracks.
I am really enjoying this.

Wow, between this and the Serge stuff syncretism has been posting lately, it's starting to seem as though these devices can be used for real music.
The other tracks were all pretty much done like this:
1) Record sequence with the Easel
2) Add drums
3) Edit if needed (most were too long for my taste....)
4) add 2-3 more tracks with Easel
- Single note drone
- short repeating melodies
- additional sequence that I try to line up with drums in real time
Very good!!!!

"Zappa Insect Circus" is a great track and the way you did it too.

I use a lot of envelope follower in my "knok knok" album with the drums.

I really appreciate your comment. Guinness ftw!
Thanks, ritchiedrums
Once again, really cool album.
Listened already a couple of times.
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