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Etiquette for selling modules here
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Author Etiquette for selling modules here
moderator edit:

yes it's uncool to mention it here. also please read the market place rules. you need 100 posts to be able to sell stuff.

here's the rules

please read them all.
B/S/T forum only, though I think one has to have 100 posts to post there. Once posted, you can link to it in your signature, though.
Thank you! Too bad about the hundred posts thing, I wanted to give you all a shot first here. Reverb it is then!

Don't forget the MOTM Yahoo list. It's quiet, but people still sell there.
100 post thing stops fly by night posters.. you need to be a little committed.. which is fair.. there is a 5u facebook group for selling .. paul darlow is the admin.
Eric the Red
100 posts is pretty quick and easy to get to. Ask a few questions, answer a few questions... Boom! you are there faster than you think.
Yep, i'm in the same boat here.

Modules to sell but don't like to talk much.

seriously, i just don't get it
Yup drop it by the MOTM Yahoo list first, at least it's a 'heads up'

And if that's who I think it is (mmarsh) - an old school MOTM user from back in the day
As josaka has pointed out the b/s Facebook group is very active. Many of the people at this forum are selling their modules there.
Here it's the link
And if that's who I think it is (mmarsh) - an old school MOTM user from back in the day

Yep, that's who you think I is smile
I saw the post in the Facebook group, and was too shy to ask there: what are your reasons for choosing to sell your gear? If your open to talking about it.

Maybe the back and forth discussion on this question will also help you get over 100 posts!
Several reasons, mostly financial. It is a big asset that I need to take advantage of. I guess I started building it in 2001 or so? In that time it has grown (and shrunk: 2008 :( ) and given up some great music. It's time that music continued in someone else's hands...
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