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Phaser with manual control ?
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Author Phaser with manual control ?
I am wondering if any of the recommended phase shifters ... Oakley Deep Equinoxe .... JH Tau.... Cotk ... etc. ... support manual control via a knob.

I used the Electroharmonix 'bad stone' phase shifter with guitar ..... and it has a switch that disables the LFO... and allows you to shift the phase via a knob.... you can stop the knob at any point for your favorite sound.

Can you do something similar with any of the MU-5U phase shift units available ?

Thanks for your answers
Paradigm X
oakley definitely does- you can turn the mod depth down to zero.
Krautrock as well.
The Moogerfooger Phaser has both manual sweep, and expression pedal inputs so you can sweep frequency, or control the LFO rate, or LFO amount with a pedal or a CV.
FSFX Tau Pipe Phaser has manual knobs for sweep and resonance. There are also a few manual switches, beneath the sweep knob. I've used the Deep Equinoxe, Moogerfooger, and a few guitar pedal phasers. I highly recommend the Pipe Phaser. It's my favorite of any I've ever tried, but that is, of course, completely subjective. I found all of the phasers listed above to be pretty great.
Thanks for all your answers.

Am I correct in thinking that the signal levels in the Moogerfooger Phaser are guitar levels and not 10 V. p-p like DOTCOM ??

This would mean one would have to attenuate the synth signal going into MF Phaser and then if one wanted to put the output back into the synth, one would have to use the Instrument interface, Q118, to boost it back to 10V.... this destroys the S/N ratio.... it makes absolutely no sense to attenuate a signal and then re-amplify it back to it's original level.

This is why I would never use a Bad Stone Phaser (ElectroHarmonix) with my modular.

I need to get a phaser that accepts 10 V. p-p and outputs the same and then we can place it anywhere we want when configuring the audio path through the modular.

Would love to hear from you guys on this.....

Maybe I should have bought Eurorack after all.... cause there are endless effects modules in that Eurorack format.

So give me the heads up about my options.
stephenmendes wrote:

Am I correct in thinking that the signal levels in the Moogerfooger Phaser are guitar levels and not 10 V. p-p like DOTCOM ??.

Sorry, you are not correct..... The Moogerfoogers are most definitely designed to be used along with modular synths. They have input & output level controls to accommodate both worlds!
I believe all the Moogerfooger manuals say they accept all instrument and line signals, from -16dBm to +4dBm. You definitely want to attenuate your modular signal going into the Moogerfooger, to avoid clipping, and then I believe the max output on the Moogerfoogers is about 1.5Vpp, so it would then need to be boosted, if you wish you process further in your modular. I never found this to be a problem, in terms of noise, but I also don't mind a little grit.

The rest of the phasers listed above are MU format and don't require attenuation/boost.
Also, I should be clear that I am firmly in the musician camp, and not the engineer camp. I've shared what I learned through reading threads and manuals, and from my own experience with the pedals, but there are plenty of wigglers that are much smarter than I, who could likely respond and tell you what I've shared is wrong or misleading. Though I do believe that all I've shared is correct.
I used an MF103 for a while with no serious volume drop or noise. Didn't have to worry about attenuating the signal beyond using the input gain on the MF103 itself. It does allow you to turn off the modulation. Same for Rob Hordijk's Phaser.

I sold my MF103, but I miss it. Prolly gonna get another soon.
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