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Dumb Pure data, ChucK, etc question
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Author Dumb Pure data, ChucK, etc question
ok, this is a dumb question so please answer as simply as possible..

I'm thinking of trying some of the music programming languages like Pure data, or Chuck..something like that.

My question is do I then get that audio or midi into my DAW?

I have Cubase on a PC but I've not found a way to route either MIDI or audio into it other than what was already set up for me when I bought the PC (it uses a Scarlett 6i6). I tried routing audio via the audio driver but that didn't work.

If these programmes can output straight .mid or .wav then no problem - I'll simply out to file and then import.
i'm not sure about audio on pc, but midi can be routed using loopbe.
you can export wav's from most things

jack is the way you route audio on linux, there is a win version but no idea how well it works

i used to use various midi loopback apps to route midi into a daw from pd
thanks both - the Pure data forums are now back up and I can see there are solutions for PD at least.
Well, if you're on a mac there's something new now for Chuck, called Chuck Racks. You can now run Chuck directly in your DAW as a VST-plugin. It's actually very cool, but personally I haven't tried it yet since the windows version isn't released yet. And it's only possible to run one instance of the chuck plugin in your daw, but I understand they're working on a solution to this.
If you're on windows, I would reccomend you to learn something else than chuck, since I'm very dissapointed in how they support the microsoft platform. It's always the last to be updated, and there are more bugs that they don't seem to know about that's apparently not present in the mac version.

Anyway, here's the link for Chuck Racks:

And here's the theoretical foundation: 2017-ChucK-Racks-Text-Based-Music-Programming-for-the-.pdf
And by the way, it's of course possible to control Chuck via an internal MIDI connection or even via Open Sound Control. And it's also possible to output a wav-file.
oh thanks for that!
there are objects for recording things, they create files. there are of course a multitude of interesting ways to "trigger" recording to occur as well, or you can just make radio buttons/midi controllers.

you can also output to any available output on your soundcard very easily. so for example, if you have digital in and out on your soundcard, and a manner by which to internally route them to each other (i have a motu 112d, makes this easy with the web panel), you can output to those digital outs in max/pd/whatever, then monitor those digital ins in your DAW (and record, etc).

when in doubt if nothing else works, and you're on os x, soundflower will do the trick.
Jack works very well on windows. Jack connects to your ASIO sound card and has a patch bay application. You can connect inputs and outputs of Ableton and Puredata to each other or to physical inputs or outputs.

I wrote an article about using jack to connect csound to ableton but the same ideas can be applied to chuck or puredata and Cubase.

For midi I use the tools here..

You can use this stuff across a network too. I run linux on an old PC without a sound card, and use netjack to route audio from the soundcard on my windows pc to a few linux apps I like.
@ Widdly, thanks for that!
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