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zyklus-like arpeggiator on kickstarter? (NDLR)
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Author zyklus-like arpeggiator on kickstarter? (NDLR)
I haven't ever actually seen / used a zyklus, and I have no affiliation / don't know the makers of this thing. But it looks like it does some of the things claimed about the zyklus. And either way it looks pretty rad. yphonic-arpeggiator

I'd love to hear some comparisons (or even some details on the zylkus) if anyone has experience with one. And either way I'm gonna try to snag one of these!
Hello, this is Darryl of Conductive Labs, maker of The NDLR. I would be happy to answer any questions you have about The NDLR. We are slowly adding details and videos to the Kickstarter page and to our youtube channel.

What is it? Its a multi-part, polyphonic, sequenced arpeggiator. It plays up to 8 synths at once. Its forte is real time tweaking of the arp parameters, as well as arping against scales that are being used to play chords. You pick a mode, scale and press the 7 buttons to play chords and select chord types.

It can play a drone note based on the root note of the current chord. Great for long evolving pads. It also has an amazing feature we call "interleaved poly-chaining". With this enabled, we interleave the (polyphonic) chord notes across several MIDI channels. Its awesome with a multitimbral synth or rompler.

What it isn't... its not a sequencer. Its not a traditional arpeggiator where you press random keys on your keyboard and we arpeggiate them. The NDLR plays both arps and chords in key. You don't even need a keyboard attached, but if you want you can use a MIDI keyboard for selecting chords and chord type, or a sequencer. It can also transpose and pass-thru MIDI notes from a keyboard or sequencer.

You will love it! SlayerBadger!
OP, are you talking about the Zyklus MPS1? I've quickly glanced at the NDLR and don't see much that it has in common with the MPS1... The MPS1 is a pretty traditional polyphonic sequencer, but with lots of fun triggering and transposing options (and a ton of simultaneous sequences). There's no arpeggiator... And no "force to scale" action. I use one as my main midi sequencer, so I know it pretty well and am happy to answer any questions about it.

Cheers Guinness ftw!
Saw this on another thread and decided to back it. They just posted a stretch goal of a volca style clock output and was teasing CV capability. Hope it comes true.
Oops double threads on this one, I posted on the other, sorry. Ps I pledged too, rad that Darryl contributed above
They opened up a second opportunity for people who missed it the first time. peggiator-music#/

Not much time left there either, but I just snagged another for a friend who will totally love it..
I'm in! Between this and Quadrantid Swarm, April looks to be fun!
It's the last day for the Indiegogo, and they just posted another video showing how to edit the note patterns:

The Modulation Matrix also got a couple of videos a few days ago:

24 minutes left...
Nelson Baboon
I put in an order for one of these. The price seems right, and when controlled by an adventurous sequencer, I'm thinking that it could be very fun.

What I really want as a feature is the ability to send cc values, rather than notes. Has there ever been an arpeggiator that allowed you to do this?
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