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es-3, adsr, envelopes, gates. I dont get it still..
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Author es-3, adsr, envelopes, gates. I dont get it still..
Someone please for the love of god, help me before i feel i have to sell this es system, and just go for midi.

I have it working, and i have been using it, but one thing i cannot figure out is this;

I have a track 5/6, this has the sw voice controller plugin on it.

This corresponds to output 1 and 2, on my es-3.

I put the pitch cable in 1, and the gate in 2. These two i route to v/oct, and the bottom input on my Veils VCA.

So everytime i hit a button, it generates a v/oct, that goes to braids, braids then outputs to the top signal of that vca, and the bottom part of that vca gets opened up by the gate signal.

So far, so good; this is all working.

But, i want to be able to use ADSR. And the only way i can see i can get this working, is by adding another channel, 7/8, which i can then setup, so that 7 and 8 are env 1 and 2 respectively. This is all fine, but, is there not a solution where i DONT need to add 7/8, and instead make it so i can simply make do with 5/6 channel, for v/oct and ENV instead of v/oct and gate???????

If so, please, for the love of all kittens, someone explain me how this works, cause i cannot figure it out. AT ALL. *mumble*
You change that in the Voice Controller's Output Matrix.
os wrote:
You change that in the Voice Controller's Output Matrix.

Yes, you said it before. I have had this discussion with you, two times now, and still - i cant do it.

Isnt there a way where you, with the info i gave you, can tell me more than a one liner, like how to set it up, and why it works like it does?

I can NOT figure it out, otherwise i wouldnt be making the same post over and over again.
ok.. found out.

Dont know what it is about you os.. i seriously spend a week trying something out ( when i have time ) all fails.

Then i post on here, you come on, give me a one liner that i cant use ( cause it basically says what i already know, without explaining it further ) - and then i go back and give it one last go.

And .. wouldnt you know it, now it works.

So for the future readers of this thread;

In my case, on the output matrix, the SECOND line, had gate at 1.00 - that should be set to middle = 0.00 - then output 5 is v/oct, and output 6 is env 1.

Geezus. smile
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