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Serge PS6 Power supply issue
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Author Serge PS6 Power supply issue

I have an inquiry regarding my Serge PS6 power supply.

Timeline of events:

-Up until this point I never experienced a problem.

-I moved some things around in the studio and I realized my panels were not getting power.

-I noticed the power was off, assuming my cat had stepped on it but now realized it was probably tripped since it takes a bit of force to turn it off.

-I turned the power on, worked for a few minutes until I plugged in a Euro Convertor box to the ground. The power was tripped.

-Fuse seems fine, no blackness or fog.

-No panels plugged into the power supply and the unit is still automatically tripping when I push the power button. The green and yellow light come on but the power button will not hold.

I will call Rex tomorrow to see about this issue but since its late at night I was wondering if anyone had some insight in how to remedy this problem.

Thank you for your time,
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