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Need an iPad sampler app that does this...
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Author Need an iPad sampler app that does this...
I need to assign some of my own samples to pads onscreen to trigger live. Here's the catch - I need to hit the pad once, have a sample play and loop HANDS FREE until I hit the pad again, at which point the sample will fade out. I'll be playing the guitar, etc during this duration and can't keep holding the pad down. The point where I need it to then fade out could be anywhere in a longer jam portion of a song.
I've tried NanoStudio and it won't do it...

Any suggestions?
That would be Samplr, thou only 8 samples at the this video to get the idea what is it:
Blocs Wave?
I don't believe it can do fade outs though.
SampleWiz for iPad will hold the looping sample until you press a button to fade out. You can set the length and pitch, of course. The app has three modes: granular, modern (time and pitch-shifted), and classic ("chipmunk" pitch shifting). I like SampleWiz's pitch-shifting options better than Sampr's. But both apps are awesome and lots of fun. Infinite possibilities. w00t
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