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How did you get started performing live?
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Author How did you get started performing live?
Hi everyone,

I know there are a lot of discussions about playing live with the modular already, but I could not really find one summing up how people got started.

    > So, what made you take the modular out the first time?
    > What did your setup look like?
    > What was the context?

I'm super interested in this because I'm thinking of doing that myself at some point. I've been making music for about 15 years, mostly computer-based and/or in a band. I have played a lot of shows, but never with the modular yet.

I have a "sound design" oriented rack, and am now thinking of ways how I could use that for live performances without it being flat or boring (mostly because of lack of noticeable change/patches).

Thanks a lot for your input!
I'd been playing live for probably 5 years before taking the modular out. Mostly improvised laptop "avantronica" (somewhere between Fenn O'Berg and dubby techno)

I think the first time playing the modular live *might* be this trio in 2008 with Sean_Process (playing a 6u ASys rig) and Dave Meckin (playing an Arp Solus (yum))

I was playing a 3u ASys rig (2 vco, ringmod, s&h/noise, filter, vca, env), and I had a Frostwave Resonator MS20 filter clone too.

The context was a regular improvised music night that we used to put on, called GrindSightOpenEye, at a friendly 'hipster' cafe.

I don't think the way I play has really changed much in nearly 10 years... but I use gestural controllers more, and I normally have 3 'voices' active.

Playing is a good start - I mean having fun, not thinking of having to deliver a performance.

My first public music making with a modular was in an allotment garden as part of 48 Stunden Neuk├Âlln, a local arts festival. No pressure, just patching in the sun for about 6 hours, drinking beer and eating grilled sausages lol

That said, I think expectations might have changed a little. Modulars were more of a curiosity than they maybe are now.

Funny reading Pixelmechanic's comment above - I just found the picture of my set-up for the opening of Schneidersb├╝ro at Rough Trade, London: I played Powwow with an almost identical collection of modules last month, seven years later! opening.html

Good on you for wanting to play live. Just have fun and you'll be fine. Listen to the instrument and let it make its music, rather than trying to get it to make music it's not best suited to.
Cool to hear! Thanks for the feedback.

This is also not about me, I'm just genuinely curious about all the different approaches, and how people decide that it's "time" to actually show something to the world.

So keep them coming please smile.

@Navs: I'll try to make it on the 28th, it's right next door wink.
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