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Current BEMI 4-space boats
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Author Current BEMI 4-space boats
Hi all,

I use 4-space boats in my system, because I want to have it rack mounted for easy haulage. I ordered a new 4-space boat with rack ears, so i could fit my newest BEMI module into my setup.

Well, first of all, the boat arrived without rack ears. Apparently BEMI (or someone) forgot to put them in the box. Ok, mistakes happen, I am patient.

After waiting another 5 weeks, the rack ears arrived. Nice, black rack ears, with good mounting holes. And three little holes to screw them into the side of the boat and even screws and nuts. But, the attachment holes on the 4-space boat are towards the bottom of the boat. So, if I attach the rack rails there, the whole boat stick a nice 4cm above all my other boats on the same rack rail. What on Earth is this?

Has anyone else bought 4-space boats recently and tun into something like this? Can someone tell me I'm just having a bad dream?

Sorry to hear that!

I received 2 4U-boats directly from BEMI on April last year, one of them powered, btw.

They both had rack ears in the right places.
Ok, good to know.

Anyway, I solved the problem by drilling 6 little holes. Still, am a bit perplexed by this.
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